New Rap

I wanted to get this out to you guys, and hear your thoughts. Hopefully this is the first of several raps and song ideas i get out to you guys. If you like it and want to see and hear more please like me on social media. Thanks.


Yo I’m electro

I flow

Like you already know

Cause there’s no debate

That I illuminate

The Great I Am

Like wham bam

We fit to jam

Turn up the bass

And let the people go ham

I do it all for the lords glory

Because he

Saved me

And turned me

Into something I wanna be

End of story

But wait there’s more

I’m Zac Electrifly

And I’m here to say

That I’m not going any were

I’m here to stay

Cause I’m working hard like every day


And write’n

And blog’n

And beast’n

And pray’n

That I’ll get the chance to rock the mike


None have before

And I leave them breathless want’n more

Cause I’m a rock this stage like you ain’t seen

I’m a do it like Skrillex

I’m be so mean

When I come up on the scene

they be like dude you’re a Christian

And I’m fish’n

Cause that’s my mission

When I’m on fire

You cants stop me

Cause I know the devil is a liar

And I know that I am still a sinner

I have to ask for forgiveness

Like every single day

That way I can go out and be a witness

Yeah I know that Gods got this

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