Upcoming Events

With the return of Minecraft Mondays, yesterday I’m going to start to produce a lot more content on YouTube. Starting this week Mondays will be for Minecraft Mondays. This series is going to alternate from different video games. The first one being FIFA15. along with this starting march, 20th will be the premiere of Zacraft season3. Fallowing the premiere there will be a new episode every other week. Starting this Wednesday will be the premiere of Zac and Matt destroy the internet. Fallowing episodes will come out every week or so. This Thursday will be the premiere of my new series Throwback Thursdays. this series will take my old music videos and put them on a format which will make the similar to my SPZRKT mix. New music videos will continue to come out on Fridays. Other uploads (such as #All For Our City) will come out on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Coming up this spring break I’m going to have videos coming out every day and two live streams. Monday the 20th I will be live streaming the premiere of Zacraft season3. Tuesday I will be live streaming FIFA15. Wednesday I will be releasing a new episode of Zac and Matt destroy the internet. Thursday will be two new episode of Throwback Thursday.  On Friday, I will be releasing two new music videos.

To stay up to date with all of this please follow me on all of my social media.

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