Blog #7

I want to do these blog posts more. so I’m going to try to do them like once a month.
I am having technical issues in my production of YouTube videos at this moment. That, however, won’t stop me from making videos. It just means that some of my videos are on hold until further notice. Basically, all the videos on hold at this point are #allforourcity videos.
My FIFA15 career is over. I won league one and was called back up to Arsenal. I had a lot of fun with that game. Since then I have bought FIFA18. I plan on using it to make videos of a new player career. I also plan on creating more NHL 18 videos. I plan on making both of these video games into their own series on my channel. I also plan to live stream more games. Those games include sonic mania, Minecraft, Formula one and more. On the subject of Minecraft, there will be Zacraft Christmas special. I also am currently working on a PS4 Minecraft map that will be released on Planet Minecraft.
With these new videos come some changes in my scheduling. Mondays will be NHL18 or Minecraft videos. Wednesdays will now have FIFA18 or other video game videos. Fridays will stay the same with Music Videos. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays will continue to be other uploads. Live streams will still happen on this schedule. #allforourcity videos will still be released based on when the video takes place. This is what the schedule will look like:
Mondays: NHL18 or Minecraft
Tuesdays: Other uploads
Wednesday: FIFA18 or another video game
Thursday: Other uploads
Friday: Music Videos
I would also like to do more with my second channel. It’s not exact yet but it will be related to hockey. I’m thinking that I might go to Tahoe or Sacramento to record some GoPro hockey videos. If I can I would like to see that channel turn into one like beer league bender. I will probably have a few videos come out on that channel before February.
On the topic of having more channels, I am going to split my main channel into 3 channels giving me a total of 4 channels. Firstly the current channel will continue to be about music. I might also do other things on this channel like vlogs. The second channel (which already exists) is about hockey. The third channel will be about soccer. On that channel will be multiple things. It will be the new home for the #allforourcity videos, GoPro soccer videos, and vlogs about soccer. The fourth channel will be about video games. What will happen is that all of my video game series will move to this channel allowing me to post more video game content and have more live streams.
I won’t be able to do this without my fans. That is why I have created a Patreon. My Patreon will allow me to do everything I have talked about in this vlog. All of the money from my Patreon will be used to help me create new videos. For instance an #allforourcity video at an MLS or US national team game. On top of that, I’m now on Snapchat. Follow me on there (zaceletrifly) for behind the scenes and exclusives.

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