Blog #8

The new year is almost here. A lot is happening right now for me on youtube. I’m about to expand to 4 channels. I’m going to be consistently uploading to all of them. All of them will launch January 1st. I’m excited because I think that this is really just me challenging myself. I’m still having some technical issues as far as producing content but I’m able to work around those issues to get out videos. I know i said i was going to have more content on my main channel till the end of the year but it just didn’t happen the way i wanted it too.
As far as 2017 goes, it was a great year for me on youtube. I was able to express myself more creatively. As a result of that I grew as an artist and my channel grew. Although i still think that my channel is small it did grow from around 10 subs to 23 subs. Which is nice and i think that about of that is due to the #allforourcity videos. The real growth however can be seen in my watch time and views. My watch time went from 947 in 2016 to 14,552 in 2017. My views went from 694 in 2016 to 4,539 in 2017. The amazing thing is that all of this is with under 30 subs. I hope i can continue to grow in 2018 on my main channel and that my new channels and new content can have success as well.
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 3.53.24 PM.png
Continuing to talk about youtube, my main channels schedule is changing. I’m going back to how it was at the beginning of my youtube career. At this point and in the near future I’m only going to upload music videos on that channel. I will continue to use the channel as a dumping ground for future content that does not fit on any of my other channels. There is also still the possibility of me doing vlogs. If you cant wait for me to start doing vlogs then you should fallow me on Snapchat: zacelectrifly. The main reason I’m going back to only music videos is that I’m going to be putting my other content on my other channels.
This is what my main channel schedule will be:
Monday through Thursdays – other uploads
Friday – music videos
Getting into my second channel which does already exist and has had a few videos uploaded. This channel is about hockey. This channel is called zac plays hockey. There will not be a consistent schedule for this channel (at least at this point). This is due to there not being any hockey leagues in reno. This channel will become the uploading ground for all of my videos that I make that relate to hockey. The only exception is that i will not be posting video game related content on this channel (nhl18). I just posted the latest video on this channel a few weeks ago.
Here is the logo I created for this channel:
youtube 2.2
The next channel I want to discuss may end up being my most popular channel. This channel will be about soccer. This channel is called zac plays soccer. This channel will launch on January 1st. The main videos on this channel will be the #allforourcity videos. I’m still going to try to upload those as close to when the game was as possible. Other content on this channel will be similar to Copa90 or Arsenal fan tv. One of the main things I am going to do on this channel is start a podcast. The podcast will mainly focus on reno 1868fc and the battle born brigade.
This is what the channel schedule will be:
Wednesday – podcast
#allforourcity videos will come out as soon as the day after a game
The last channel launching on January 1st will be a gaming channel. this channel will have the most uploads of any of my channels. This channel is going to be called zac electrifly gaming. This channel will take all of my current video game series (fifa18, nhl18, zacraft, sonic mania) and put them all on one channel. on top of that, I will be adding more video games and doing live streams.
this is what the channel schedule will look like:
Monday – zacraft
Tuesday – Other uploads
Wednesday – nhl18 or another video game
Thursday – other uploads
Friday – fifa18
Livestreams – all the time
If you enjoy my content I ask that you please continue to watch my videos. don’t forget to subscribe to all of these channels and fallow me on social media. one of the cool things I’ve started doing is using Snapchat as a behind the scenes of my content. I also posted an entire #allforourcity video on there as it happened during a UNR basketball game.
Snapchat: zacelectrifly

Update on my Minecraft map:
Off the subject of youtube, I just want to give an update on the release of my Minecraft map. I have a post on planet Minecraft but I have had trouble uploading the save file. I am currently trying to fix this issue.

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