Battle Born Brigade FIFA18 Wold Cup Announcements

The Battle Born Brigade FIFA18 world cup is coming up. It will be a celebration of the 2018 FIFA world cup. Players will compete in a FIFA world cup style bracket using international teams. This tournament will take place during the first weekend of the world cup. We already have 10+ people signed up to play. It is not too late to still register.

This tournament will be in partnership with Zac plays soccer. This partnership will include live streams and highlights on the Zac plays soccer YouTube channel. Other exclusives will be posted on my social media. All of the official rules, the bracket and live updates will be posted right here on this website.

The logo for this tournament will be released later today on the Zac plays soccer YouTube channel during the Reno 1868 game. The location for the tournament will be announced as soon as we have one. The last day to register will be 6/14. The schedule will be announced 6/15. Gameday 6/16. There will be more to come not only on here but on all my social media leading up to this tournament.

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