What’s New In 2019

2018 was an amazing year for me. It was the first year I think that filmmaking was always in my thoughts no madder what I was doing. I got to do a lot more film making than in 2017. I think that I grew as a filmmaker, graphic artist and YouTuber. I was given the opportunity to travel a lot more with the Battle Born Brigade. Reno 1868 FC did better in their second season then their first. The Nevada Wolf Pack basketball team got to the sweet sixteen. Overall with these things considered I can say that 2018 was overall a good year for me.

Zac Electrify

What I in 2018 was continue what I was doing in 2017. All of the soccer content was now on a different channel. I stopped producing video game content. In 2018, I did not release any content outside of music related content to this YouTube channel.

What I wanted to do in 2018 for this channel and my DJing career was expand on what I had already been doing for several years. Expand by doing gigs and having my own original music. However, neither of those things happened. What happened was that my life was already moving in a different direction. Instead of just DJing and making music I discovered that I wanted to be more of a film maker. That meant that I would focus most of if not all of my energy on my other YouTube channel, Zac Plays soccer. Some other things that I wanted to do were making like actual music videos and making a skateboard film.  

One thing I said in 2017 that I wanted to do in 2018 was to have a channel dedicated to video game related content. This dint happens. There are a few key reasons why firstly my main source on internet connection in 2018 was my phone. This made it a lot harder to upload any content and took live streams out of the question. Secondly, I got to a point in making video game content where it was no longer about playing the game but about making sure I had a video to release. That wasn’t fun for me. Those reasons plus the increase in demand for my attention by the Zac Plays soccer YouTube channel got me to the point where I knew that I couldn’t handle another channel. Especially when considering how demanding video game channels can be.

It’s safe to say that 2017 blew 2018 out of the water when looking at the analytics. Not only were there more videos in 2017 but there was also a wider range of videos. I think that having a specific type of content on a single YouTube channel is the best way to run a channel. I do think that a lack of videos in 2018 lead to a slower year as far as views, subscribers and watch time.

In 2018, I had 2,096 views, 4,483 watch minutes, 53 likes, 2 dislikes, and I gained 5 subscribers.

2018 comped to 2017
2018 analytics
2018 analytics continued

Zac Plays soccer

I think 2018 was an amazing year for Zac Plays soccer. It was not easy getting fans of my soccer related content to move over to a new channel but I have found success doing so. In 2018, I continued the all for our city videos, released Go Pro soccer videos, Brigade at Wolf Pack, live postgame videos, and tried to have an E-sports tournament.

I did everything I set out to do with this channel in 2018 plus more. In 2018, I only set out to do all for our city videos and a podcast. The podcast didn’t happen. I originally wanted to start this podcast at the beginning of the year. That didn’t happen because I was unprepared to do a podcast.

Later on, in the year talks began in the Battle Born Brigade about starting a podcast. As some of us were working on starting a podcast another podcast was created. This podcast is the 1868 weekly podcast. This podcast would later grow by adding some of the people I was working with on starting a podcast. That being said what I wanted to start at the beginning of the year had changed by the end by the year, and it still didn’t happen. I have no hard feeling towards 1868 weekly or anyone who went to help with that. I actually do recommend that podcast. It’s a good podcast for anyone trying to keep up with the latest news regarding Reno 1868 FC.

In 2018, I also got to do Go Pro, Brigade at Wolf Pack, live postgame videos, and an e-sports tournament. Go Pro soccer was something that I decided to do just because I was playing soccer and I needed more content on the channel, especially considering that I needed videos in between the all for our city videos. Brigade at Wolf Pack was mainly a continuation of videos I was already doing on my other channel. Live postgame videos were created because I wanted more content for my channel while satisfying my audience until I released the related all for our city video.

The e-sports tournament. I wanted to do this because I had never done anything like e-sports related before. Plus, there was a lot of hype surrounding FIFA 19 at the time as MLS was doing their e-sports league. So, I thought what better time to do an e-sports tournament than during the FIFA world cup. Things were going pretty well up until the day of the tournament. There wasn’t as much interest from the Battle Born Brigade as I thought. As a result, not everyone showed up which I was unprepared for. This led to it being noncompetitive and it sucked.  I’m not sure if I will do this again in 2019 but we will see.

There isn’t much if anything to compare analytically between 2017 and 2018. The only things that can be compared are the all for our city videos and the Brigade at Wolf Pack videos. That being said I didn’t do that. What I can say though is that this channel blew the other one out of the water.

In 2018, this channel had 3,030 views, 8,215 watch minutes, 158 likes, 4 dislikes, and I gained 16 subscribers.

2018 analytics
2018 analytics continued

Zac Plays hockey

In all of 2018, I released one video on this channel. I don’t know what will happen on this channel in 2019. Currently there is nothing planned.

What I plan to do in 2019

As far as DJing goes I hope to bring back Friday music videos in February. I want to do live mixes as well. I am not 100% on that yet. The other thing I want to start this year is sound cloud mixes.

For Zac plays soccer, a new podcast is happening. FIFA 19 videos are happening. Go Pro soccer videos are happening. Something interesting I want to do in 2019 is videos similar to travel vlogs when I go to Reno 1868 FC away games. Lastly, I might film a documentary.

Nothing new is currently planned for Zac Plays hockey. If I can and in the future, I want this channel to be modeled after the Zac Plays soccer channel. Meaning that it will have a lot of similar content.

As far as blogs go I will say what I said at the end of 2017, I want to release at least one blog a month.

I am still working on my Minecraft world. I plan on having updates out every month or so.

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