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Reno Pond Hockey Jersey Concepts Part One

This is the first part in a mini series I will be doing. This series is based around concept jerseys I have created for Reno Pond Hockey.

Reno Pond Hockey’s adult league team is using solid black and white jerseys for the current season. By the end of 2021 Reno Pond Hockey’s adult league team should have 4 different jersey options. Ideally Reno Pond Hockey would have a primary and secondary jersey for a minimum of two years with alternate jerseys coming every 6 months. Having limited run jerseys is also an option. Limited run jerseys would be used in a single event. Similar to NHL special warm up jerseys, tournament jerseys, or charity jerseys.



I have been working on Reno Pond Hockey jerseys for a while. I came up with the idea sometime during 2019. Around when I came up with the logo. The goal with the jerseys was the same as the logo. Design something that represents Reno. The Reno Renegades are the most know hockey team from Reno. Creating a modernized design of their former home and away jerseys with current Reno colors, builds a uniform that reflects on part of Reno’s hockey history while being contemporary. Thus building a foundation for the design surrounding our team for the future.

I started working on concepts and mockups of a uniform back in February of 2021. The reason that it has taken me so long to reach what I have now is due to color combinations. There are 720 plus combinations of color with this template and the Reno Pond Hockey colors. What I have to show today is about a third of the work I have put in. In total I haven’t approached completing half of the work I have planned in designing jerseys for Reno Pond Hockey.



The template for this design is based off of Reno Renegades jersey’s. That template is similar to the Colorado Avalanche jersey’s used from 1995 to 2007. When Adidas took over as the NHL jersey supplier in 2017, they brought in a modern variant of the 1995 to 2007 Colorado Avalanche jersey’s that they continue to use. This template is similar to those designs. The edges in the template can be seen as representing the mountains of Reno. The line seen around the jersey can be seen as representing the Truckee river. I made multiple variations with different colors and logos.



Thanks for reading. I am already working on part 2. Comments and critiques are welcome.


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