Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2021 Banners

The Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2021 Playoffs are over. The Reno Gamblers won the A-League. The Tahoe Storm won B-League. United Skates won C-League. The long offseason has begun. I decided to make championship banners for the teams that won. I tried to get the colors as accurate to the colors the teams use as possible.


Reno Gamblers

The Reno Gamblers went undefeated in the regular season. After securing the regular season title they beat the 4 seed Mustangs 6 to 3 in the A-League semi-final. That punched their ticket to the A-League Championship. They faced the 3 seed BWD Tooth Fairies in the A-League Championship. The Reno Gamblers won the A-League Championship game 7 to 1 to complete an undefeated season.


Tahoe Storm

The Tahoe Storm wen’t 7-5-0 in the regular season to secure the 5th out of 6 playoff spot. They then defeated the 4 seed Remo Sriracha 10 to 1 in the quarter-finals. They followed that up with the biggest upset of the playoffs by defeating the 1 seed defending champions Cruz Construction 10 to 3 in the semi-finals. That upset got them into the championship game. The faced the 3 seed Murder Hornets in the championship. The Tahoe Storm did win that game to become B-League Champions. By becoming B-League Champions they have punched their ticket into the A-League for next season.


United Skates

The United Skates were a new addition to C-League this season. They had nothing to prove to anyone. They decided to win the regular season title anyway. The won the regular season title right out of the gate after going 9-2-0 in the regular season. By securing the 1 seed they got a bye into the semi-finals. In the semi-finals they faced the 5 seed Trash Pandas. United Skates won that game 4 to 2 secure their spot in the championship game. In the championship game they would face the 2 seed defending champions Reno Fire Hosers. United Skates pulled out a win by just won goal. They won the game 4 to 3 to become C-League Champions. By becoming C-League Champions they will be moving up to B-League next season.

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