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Sierra Inline Hockey League Update

Reno Pond Hockey has joined the Sierra Inline Hockey League. The Sierra Inline Hockey League (SIHL) is the inline hockey league in Carson City NV. The original start date for the season has been delayed. The season was originally set to start last week. The league will be having a scrimmage this Thursday. Following that scrimmage the SIHL should have a start date. We will see if we are playing this weekend or if the season will continue to be postponed.


As soon as more information on the season becomes available, it will be on Reno Pond Hockey social media. Everything will also be posted here to News blogs, schedule announcements, events and more will be posted right here.

In other Reno Pond Hockey SIHL news, the team had a practice this last Sunday. The practice did take place at the Marv Teixeira Pavilion in Carson City. That is where we will be playing our SIHL games. The practice went well. Inline skating is definitely not ice skating. Some of us are still getting used to that. It was a good practice. We will be out in Carson City every Monday to practice now. We were lucky enough to be able to set that up.

You can still preorder our inline jerseys here:


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