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SIHL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS Cobras and Mighty Bucks

It was opening day in the Sierra Inline Hockey League. This was their first games back since 2020. Reno Pond Hockey had to play two games. The first game against the Cobras was at 1:00PM. The second game against the Mighty Bucks was at 3:00PM.

These were the first games of the season. Prior to this weekend Reno Pond Hockey got together a few times for practice and some of the players participated in the preseason tournament. There wasn’t a lot of experience as a team going into the first game. Some players are still getting used to the learning curve going from ice to inline.

In Reno Pond Hockey vs Cobras, Reno Pond Hockey scored first and held the lead for a few minutes. The Cobras would tie the game and Reno Pond Hockey wouldn’t regain the lead. Both teams traded opportunities in what would end up being a close game. In the end Reno Pond Hockey fell to the Cobras 3 to 5.

It was Reno Pond Hockeys first ever inline game. They were still trying to figure some things out. Ultimately they played competitively. They kept the game close. Thats all that was really asked of the team this weekend and moving forward. Sure it would have been nice to see them put some more of those chances in the back of the net. That’s probably going to be a main area of focus this season.


In game two Reno Pond Hockey played the Mighty Bucks. Reno Pond Hockey never got the lead in this one. Reno Pond Hockey played from behind the whole game. The Mighty Bucks held a 2 goal lead for most of the game. Reno Pond Hockey cut the lead down to one goal at one point. Reno Pond Hockey ended up losing one of their better players in the second half. Courtney Slamon had a puck hit her skate and it ended up destroying the toe of her boot. Losing her really handicapped the team. She had scored in both games and was being a solid defensive player as well. When she left the game we ended up with only two players on the bench and we were giving up a lot more odd man rushes. #35 Clint McCoy really stepped up after Courtney left the game. He made some big saves in that second game.

In the last minute the score was already 3 to 6. I blocked a slap shot from the point. It went off my shin and the Mighty Bucks recovered the puck. I was a little slow to get up as I already had been pretty beaten up after both games. I was tripped and fell pretty hard on my hip, I blocked at least one other shot, I went into the boards legs first at one point. I had also played majority of the second half because we had a short bench. Anyway I blocked the shot. They recovered the puck. They passed it up and back out of the zone. I’m just getting up and one of the Mighty Bucks players raises his stick like he’s going to take another slap shot. He faked the shot twice before taking another slap shot that went right pass my head. I was mad about that. I left the game at that point and sat on the bench. I was probably going to the bench anyway because the shot I blocked hurt really bad. Intentionally shooting the puck at me was like after I was slow to get up was like he was intentionally trying to cause me pain or hurt me. It was everything I had not to go after this guy. Let me know what you think about this. Let me know what you would have done. I will be posting a video of this later so watch out for that.

Overall we managed to keep it competitive again. Up until Courtney left the game we traded chances back and fourth. The Mighty Bucks did have a lot of offensive zone time but it wasn’t too crazy. Reno Pond Hockey starts the season 0-2-0. It was a crazy opening day though. I think there was only 3 goalies for 3 games. Our goalie Clint ended up playing in all three games. The start of the last game was delayed because the Mighty Bucks didn’t have a goalie. We also had a handful of fans come out to watch. That was nice. We always appreciate the support from our fans.


Reno Pond Hockey vs The Vets

3:00 PM

Location: Marv Teixeira Pavillion

Sierra Inline Hockey League




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