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SIHL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS The Vets

For week six of the Sierra Inline Hockey League, Reno Pond Hockey took on The Vets. It was game seven for Reno Pond Hockey. The game was on February, 26th 2022 at 3:00 PM. The game took place at the home of the SIHL, the Marv Teixeira Pavilion.


Reno Pond Hockey was still last in the standings. Reno Pond Hockey lost to 4 to 0 against the Mighty Bucks in game six. The Vets were second in the standings. The Vets were coming off of a 4-6 loss to the M&Ms. The all time record between Reno Pond Hockey and the Vets prior to this game was 0-1-0. The Vets won 5-3 in the prevues game between Reno Pond Hockey and The Vets.


Most of the game was tied. Most of the first half was 0-0. The Vets scored first. After that it was back and fourth between The Vets taking the lead and Reno Pond Hockey tying the game. When the score was 3-3 Reno Pond Hockey took the lead and made it 4-3. It wasn’t too long before The Vets tied it up. With under 30 seconds to go The Vets were pressing for the go ahead goal. They two of their players by the net. One of their players was off to the side. The lone defender had the puck. He couldn’t control the pass. He ended up falling over. Reno Pond Hockey was able to squeeze the puck out of the zone. Reno Pond Hockey had a three man breakaway but the buzzer went off as the breakaway was setting up. The final score was 4-4. The game ended in a tie.


Reno Pond Hockey vs M&Ms

2:00 PM

Location: Marv Teixeira Pavillion




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