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RIAL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS Slappy Gilmores

Reno Pond Hockey took on the Slappy Gilmores last night. It was game one of the RIAL spring 2022 season. It was the first game of the new season. The game took place on March 6, 2022 at 7:30PM at Reno Ice. For the third season in a row Reno Pond Hockey played in the opening game of the RIAL season. It is not just the first game for Reno Pond Hockey and Slappy Gilmores. It is the fist game for B-League and the entire RIAL.


Reno Pond Hockey and Slappy Gilmore became rivals after a preseason game prior to the Summer 2021 season. That game was pretty heated with plenty of penalties thus creating the rivalry. Reno Pond Hockey was 1-1-0 all time in season openers. Reno Pond Hockey was 1-0-0 vs Slappy Gilmores all time. These two teams last met back on October 23, 2021. In that game Reno Pond Hockey beat the Slappy Gilmores in a shootout. Neither team has play a game since December of 2021.


Slappy Gilmores scored the first goal of the game. After an early surge from Reno Pond Hockey, Slappy Gilmores made it 1-0 less then two minutes into the game. After the first period it was 1-0 Slappy Gilmores. The Slappy Gilmores extended their lead to 3-0 in the second period. as the second period was winding down Reno Pond Hockey scored on the powerplay. With less than a minute to go in the second period Reno Pond Hockey gets an offensive zone draw to start the powerplay. On the the draw Reno Pond Hockey got a shot off. #25 Ethan Crisp ended up with the puck. He put it on net. #25 (C) Zac Seidemann put the rebound in the back of the net. That would be Reno Pond Hockeys only goal of the game. Slappy Gilmores would net another three in the third period to win. The final score was 1-6.

Not the way Reno Pond Hockey wanted to start off the season. It was tough not having #71 Dominic Hyer in the lineup for most of the game. He was a big part of the success Reno Pond Hockey had last season. Without him Reno Pond Hockey struggled to find the back of the net. This seasons schedule will be difficult for him. As the season goes on we will see how that effects the season. #35 Clint McCoy gave Reno Pond Hockey a fighting chance. Reno Pond Hockey just couldn’t help him out on the other end of the ice. Tempers did flair in this game. There was a lot of penalties. That was expected for this rivalry game. Penalties didn’t help Reno Pond Hockey. Going into the next game Reno Pond Hockey will be looking for a win.


#28 Zac Seidemann scored the only goal for Reno Pond Hockey. #25 Ethan Crisp may have gotten the assist on that goal.

Stats were not published on the league website


Reno Pond Hockey vs Flop

9:00 PM

Location: Reno Ice



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