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RIAL Game Preview: Reno Pond Hockey VS Murder Hornets

Game Info:

Reno Pond Hockey VS Murder Hornets

Game #: Spring 2022 regular season game seven

Date: April 11, 2022

Time: 7:15pm

Location: Reno Ice

How to Follow:

Reno Pond Hockey is coming off of a 3-8 loss to Desert Dogs. Reno Pond Hockey is 0-6-0. Reno Pond Hockey sits in 12th place in the current standings. Reno Pond Hockey are still the only team without a win so far this season. Murder Hornets are coming off of a 3-6 loss to Blue Moon. Murder Hornets are 2-5-0. The all time record between Reno Pond Hockey and the Murder Hornets is 0-3-0. These two teams last met on December 17, 2021, for the RIAL fall 2021 playoffs. The Murder Hornets would win that game 2-3 and eliminated Reno Pond Hockey from the playoffs.


Reno Pond Hockey has 9 goals. That is currently last in the league. Reno Pond Hockey is the only team in the league who has not scored double digits.

Reno Pond Hockey has allowed 40 goals after six games. That is not the most in the league. Reno Pond Hockey has a -31 goal differential.


Murder Hornets have scored 22 goals. That is currently tied for 8th most in the league.

Murder Hornets have allowed 28 goals so far this season. That is currently 8th least in the league. They have a -6 goal differential.

  • Game seven of the RIAL Spring 2022 season
  • All time record is 0-3-0
  • Reno Pond Hockey lost 2-8 in their last game
  • Reno Pond Hockey is on a 6 game losing streak
  • Murder Hornets lost in their last game
  • Reno Pond Hockey is in 12th place
  • Desert Dogs are in 9th place
  • Stay out of the penalty box
  • Shoot the puck
  • Keep the puck out of the net
  • Keep positive attitudes

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