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RIAL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS Hyundai N-Line

Reno Pond Hockey took on Hyundai N-Line in their last game. It was game ten of the RIAL Spring 2022 season. The game took place on May 1st, 2022 at 9PM. The game was at Reno Ice.


Reno Pond Hockey had been struggling to find success this season. They came close to a win against the United Skates. They just fell short in that game. Following that game, Reno Pond Hockey’s top scorer #71 Dominic Hyer had a one game suspension following an incident in the game. So going into this one Reno Pond Hockey would face one of the top teams in the league, while struggling, and without their top scorer.


Reno Pond Hockey held their own for a while. Eventually, Hyundai N-Line started scoring. Reno Pond Hockey couldn’t do a lot to stop them. Reno Pond Hockey did block a lot of shots and did manage to score some goals.

Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3
Goal #4

All things considered Reno Pond Hockey did alright. The final score was somewhat expected. The score is going to be lopsided when the second best team in the league plays a team that hasn’t won a game all season and has been struggling to keep the puck out of the net. The issues that Reno Pond Hockey have had all season were still prevalent. The defensive zone is where Reno Pond Hockey struggles the most at the moment. It is the end of the season now. Moving forward Reno Pond Hockey has a lot to work on. Moving forward Reno Pond Hockey has to get back to the idea of improving as a team and focusing on the play at hand. We are going to tackle next season one play at a time.


#71 Dominic Hyer scored the only goal for Reno Pond Hockey. It was assisted by #25 Ethan Crisp and #00 Tommy Bartold. The goal was a real team effort and I am proud of how they made it happen.

Stats were not published on the league website


Reno Pond Hockey vs Tahoe Dawgs | RIAL


Location: Reno Ice

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