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RIAL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS Grrrowlers

Reno Pond Hockey took on Grrrowlers in their last game. It was game three of the RIAL D-League Summer 2022 season. The game took place on Monday, June 20th, 2022 at 9:45PM. The game was at Reno Ice.


Reno Pond Hockey was coming off of a 3-2 win against to Dough Boys. Reno Pond Hockey was 1-1-0 heading into Mondays game. Reno Pond Hockey was in 4th place in the D-League standings. Grrrowlers were coming off of a 0-17 loss to the Slappy Gilmores. Grrrowlers were 0-2-0. This was the first ever game between the Grrrowlers and Reno Pond Hockey.

You can read more about the lead up to Mondays game in the game preview by clicking here.


Reno Pond Hockey scored the games opening goal. The puck was taken around the net. The shot was put behind the net. Reno Pond Hockey got the rebound. The puck was put in the creese where is was jammed into the net. The goal was scored by #24 Tyler Noblit. It was assisted by #12 Darrell Ward and #10 Bihn Ly. This goal made the score 1-0.

The Grrrowlers tied the game up. Reno Pond Hockey would take the lead. The Grrrowlers failed to clear the puck. The Puck was shot wide from the blue line. The Puck gets recovered from the behind the net. With time and space a shot was taken from the right of the goalie. The shot squeezed between the goalies leg and post. The goal was scored by #28 Zac Seidemann. It was assisted by #10 Bihn Ly. The score was 2-1 Reno Pond Hockey after the first period.

Reno Pond Hockey would expand their lead to 3-1 with a goal from #22 Casey Dowling. The puck was cycled in the corner. It was put in the slot and Casey tapped it home. The Grrrowlers would tie the game at 3-3.

#10 Bihn Ly would score to give Reno Pond Hockey the 4-3 lead. Off the face the puck is passed from the blue line to the far side of the net. The one timer shot was saved. The rebound was saved. The puck ended up in the corner. The puck was then put through the slot. Bihn would get the puck on the far side boards. He took the puck into the slot himself and scored. Assists came from #28 Zac Seidemann and #22 Casey Dowling.

Reno Pond Hockey took a 5-3 lead after #22 Casey Dowling scored on the powerplay. The Grrowlers got the puck out on the penalty kill. They couldn’t control it in the neutral zone. Reno Pond Hockey recovers the puck just inside their own zone. A pass was made from the define zone to the far side red line. Reno Pond Hockey then had a 3 on 2 going into the Grrowlers offensive zone. Everyone was watching the puck carrier. His far side pass connects to Casey who was wide open with like 75% of the net open. He buried the shot. Assists came from #28 Zac Seidemann and #4 Josh Lee. The scored was 5-3 heading into the third period.

The final goal of the game was scored by #22 Casey Dowling. He completed his hat trick on the penalty kill. The Grrrowlers attempted to enter the zone with a stretch pass that was missed. The Defender tried to keep the puck in the zone but couldn’t leading to a two man breakaway. The puck was fed to Casey in the neutral zone. He buried the shot. The final score was a 6-3 Reno Pond Hockey victory.

The Grrrowlers had one player making majority of their offensive plays. He could handle the puck ok but he was not a strong skater. It was a strong team effort from Reno Pond Hockey. Solid passing. Created a lot of scoring chances. Not a lot of selfish play. After the Grrrowlers tied the game up at 3-3, Reno Pond Hockey went into second gear. The feeling right off the bat was that the chances are here. The goals are going to come. The first shift was all offensive zone time for Reno Pond Hockey and they were on the doorstep right off the bat. When the game was tied Reno Pond Hockey didn’t panic. They just went out there and created chances which led to goals.


Goals from #24 Tyler Noblit, #28 Zac Seidemann, #22 Casey Dowling, and #10 Bihn Ly. #22 Casey Dowling scored three times and got the hat trick. One of the goals came on the power play. one of them came on the penalty kill.

Assists came from #12 Darrell Ward, #10 Bihn Ly (2), #28 Zac Seidemann (2) #22 Casey Dowling, #4 Josh Lee, Unknown (3) Sorry still trying to put names to faces.

Stats were not published on the league website


Reno Ice Adult League D-League Standings June 25, 2022

*I don’t know why Dough Boys are ahead of Reno Pond Hockey right now. We beat them in the head to head so we should be ahead of them but it doesn’t really matter right now.


Reno Pond Hockey vs Mid-Ice Crisis | RIAL


Location: Reno Ice



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