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RIAL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS The Guardians

Reno Pond Hockey took on The Guardians in their last game. It was game five of the RIAL D-League Summer 2022 season. The game took place on Wednesday July, 6th, 2022 at 9:15PM. The game was at Reno Ice.


Reno Pond Hockey were coming off of a 3-8 loss to Mid-Ice Crisis. Reno Pond Hockey was 2-2-0. Reno Pond Hockey was in 4th place in the D-League standings. The Guardians were coming off of a 2-6 loss to the Grrrowlers. The Guardians were 1-3-0. Reno Pond Hockey had not played The Guardians yet.

You can read more about the lead up to Mondays game in the game preview by clicking here.


About 8 minutes into the game Reno Pond Hockey scored the games opening goal. The Guardians tried to carry the puck out of their zone. It was stolen by Reno Pond Hockey. #72 Mitch Costa stole the puck made a move on the goalie and scored the games opening goal. It was special for Mitch as it was a goal against his former team.

With just under 5 minutes left in the first period Reno Pond Hockey would make it a two goal lead. Reno Pond Hockey took the puck into the offensive zone corner to the right of the goal keeper. The puck was put through the slot by #32 Greg Scott. Reno Pond Hockey would recover the puck. The puck was put back in the slot by #2 Brad Ferrer where it would connect with #23 Joshua Schaap. He misfired on the first shot but was able to find the puck to put it in the back of the net with a second shot.

Less then a minute later Reno Pond Hockey would add to their lead to make it 3-0. The puck was in the corner to the left of the Guardians goalie. It squeezed out to #10 Binh Lee on the side boards. He put it in the slot. It went off a defenders skate and into the back of the net.

After the first period the score was 3-0 Reno Pond Hockey.

Reno Pond Hockey would extend their lead to 4 goals with just over 1 minute 30 seconds left to go in the second period. Offensive zone faceoff to the left of the goalie. Reno Pond Hockey wins the faceoff and gets the puck back to the defender who takes a shot. The Goalie puts the puck into oposite side corner. Reno Pond Hockey recovers the puck. It’s put into the slot where The Guardians attempt to clear the puck up the middle of the ice. #13 Kevin Lee keeps the puck in. With three Guardians players coming at him he takes the shot. The Goalies attempted glove save redirects the puck in between his legs. #36 Brandon Angues was there to tap the puck into the back of the net.

Reno Pond Hockey would have a 4-0 lead going into the third period.

Reno Pond Hockey would make it 5-0 around 14 minutes and 30 seconds to go in the third period. #22 Casey Dowling got a break away as Reno Pond Hockey entered the offensive zone. The Shot was saved. The rebound was loose in the crease. The Guardians cleared the puck out of their zone and went back all the way into Reno Pond Hockeys defensive zone. #13 Kevin Lee would recover the puck. He would take it into The Guardians zone. He would take a shot. The goalie made the save but the puck would again be loose in the crease where Kevin was able to tap it in.

Reno Pond Hockey would score their final goal with around 9 minutes left in the game. The Puck was dumped into the corner to the left side of The Guardians goalie. It was recovered by #25 Ethan Crisp. He took it to the net. The shot was saved the rebound was loose in the crease. (C) #28 Zac Seidemann couldn’t settle the puck down and it hit the post. Ethan then taped it in.

The Guardians would finally score late in the game on the powerplay. Towards the end of the game there was a soft penalty called. One of the Reno Pond Hockey players fell on the ice and slid into one of the guardians players causing them to fall. This had happened a few times in the game with players from both teams falling but nothing had been called up to that point. On the next play, two players were battling in the crease in Reno Pond Hockeys defensive zone. A penalty was called. The penalty went Reno Pond Hockey and two Reno Pond Hockey players were sent to the box. The official did not explain to anyone what was going on. As the captain I hoped in the box after he the official said someone else needed to go to the box. I asked the score keeper what the call was but she didn’t know. It didn’t really matter. It’s a bummer that we didn’t get the shutout because a call was made and no one knew what it was. The final score was a 6-1 Reno Pond Hockey victory.

#35 Clint McCoy had a huge impact on the game. He is the reason that The Guardians didn’t score for two and three quarter periods. He made some amazing saves during the game and deserved the shutout we couldn’t get. His effort in net really allowed us to push to win the game. We had a full bench for this game. I am hoping that is something that will continue moving forward. I really can’t underline enough the positive effect having 18 players on the bench had on the game. Short shifts and being rested really allowed Reno Pond hockey to elevate their game. We are now onto the second half of the season. There is a big challenge ahead of us but it is one we are looking forward too. I firmly believe there is no team in this league we cannot beat. Every game from here on out is a rematch. We are looking forward to every single one.


#72 Mitch Costa scored the first goal. It was unassisted. #23 Joshua Schaap scored the second goal. It was assisted by #2 Brad Ferrer and #32 Greg Scott. The third goal was scored by #10 Binh Ly. It was unassisted. The fourth goal was scored by #36 Brandon Angues. It was assisted by #13 Kevin Lee. The fifth goal was scored by #13 Kevin Lee. It was unassisted. The 6th goal was scored by #25 Ethan Crisp. It was assisted by #28 Zac Seidemann.

Goals – #72 Mitch Costa – #23 Joshua Schaap – #10 Binh Ly – #36 Brandon Angues – #13 Kevin Lee – #25 Ethan Crisp

Assists – #2 Brad Ferrer – #32 Greg Scott – #13 Kevin Lee – #28 Zac Seidemann

Stats were not published on the league website


There are some issues with the standings on the league website. One of our game scores is currently wrong on the website. This brings up the question of how many other scores on the league website are wrong? I did email the league but nothing has changed. In addition to that our game with The Guardians happened last Wednesday and the score is still not up on the league website as of writing this. That is part of why this post did take forever to make. I was waiting on the league to correct the standings but that has not happened. Below are the D-League standings that the Reno Ice Adult League currently has on their website as of writing this.

Reno Pond Hockey should be in second place after going 3-2-0 with their last win. Assuming all of the other scores have been correctly reported. Also the Reno Pond Hockey vs Grrrowlers game was reported as a 9-8 Reno Pond Hockey win when it was in fact a 6-3 win. Taking all of that into account Reno Pond Hockey is in second place, has a record of 3-2-0 with 18 goals for and 19 goals against for a -1 goal differential. Hopefully all of this will get cleared up soon.


Even with the Standings being wrong on the Reno Ice Adult League website. Reno Pond Hockey is in a playoff position. Top four teams make the playoffs. If the playoffs started today Reno Pond Hockey would be playing Mid-Ice Crisis. I will be talking more about the RIAL playoffs in a post later today. The other D-League playoff match would be the Splappy Gilmores and the Dough Boys.

With five games remaining no D-League team has been eliminated from playoff contention yet. That probably won’t happen until right before the playoffs. At the same time no team has secured a playoff spot either. If the Slappy Gilmores at least force overtime in one of their remaining games they will be in the playoffs. The remaining five teams are all within four points or two wins of each other. That means it could be a close fight for the fourth and final spot in the playoffs.


Reno Pond Hockey vs Slappy Gilmores | RIAL


Location: Reno Ice



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