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RIAL Post Game Report: Reno Pond Hockey VS Slappy Gilmores

Reno Pond Hockey took on Slappy Gilmores in their last game. It was game six of the RIAL D-League Summer 2022 season. The game took place on Wednesday July, 13th, 2022 at 9:15PM. The game was at Reno Ice.


Reno Pond Hockey was coming off of a 6-1 win against The Guardians. Reno Pond Hockey was 3-2-0. Reno Pond Hockey was in 2nd place in the D-League standings. Slappy Gilmores had an 8-4 win against Mid-Ice Crisis. Slappy Gilmores were 5-0-0. They lead the D-League standings. The all time record between Reno Pond Hockey and Slappy Gilmores going into this game was 1-2-0. Reno Pond Hockey last played Slappy Gilmores on June 2, 2022. That game ended in a 4-0 Slappy Gilmores win.

You can read more about the lead up to Mondays game in the game preview by clicking here.


The game was scoreless after the first period. Both teams traded chances but neither one could find the back of the net. Around 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the second period Reno Pond Hockey would score the games opening goal. Reno Pond Hockey didn’t connect on a centering pass during the rush into the offensive zone. Reno Pond Hockey recovered the puck in the corner. The pass to center connected this time. The shot went in the net. The goal was scored by #2 Brad Ferrer and the goal was assisted by #36 Brandon Angues.

Slappy Gilmores tied the game up fairly quickly. They went on to score 6 unanswered goals. It was 1-4 by the end of the second period. The final score was a 1-6 Reno Pond Hockey loss.

Reno Pond Hockey was missing some of their top scorers. That did play a role in the game. Reno Pond Hockey just struggled to get the puck out of their defensive zone. It was just a tough game. It is one we want to move on from very quickly. There are four games left in the egular season. Plenty of Hockey left to be played. Plenty of time to get more wins.


#2 Brad Ferrer scored Reno Pond Hockeys only goal. It was assisted by #36 Brandon Angues.

Goals – #2 Brad Ferrer

Assists – #36 Brandon Angues

Stats were not published on the league website


On the Reno Ice Adult League website it says Reno Pond Hockey has a record of 2-3-0. That is not true. Because of that it put us in 5th place. We have a record of 3-3-0 right now. We have 6 points. We should be in third place and one point out from second place. It took a week after an email for the correct score to be put in for the Grrrowlers game. I do not know what is going on. All I know is that we should be in third place.


Reno Pond Hockey is in a playoff position (if the standings are corrected). Right now Reno Pond Hockey is still 5 points (2 wins and a shootout) from securing a playoff spot. Right now they are only one game away from being eliminated from the playoffs. One more loss and they might not be in a playoff spot anymore. That is how close the playoff race is right now. There is no need for concern yet. There is still plenty of hockey left in the season.


Reno Pond Hockey vs Dough Boys | RIAL


Location: Reno Ice



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