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RIAL Game Preview: Reno Pond Hockey VS The Guardians

Game Info:

Reno Pond Hockey VS The Guardians

Game #: Summer 2022 regular season game ten (last game of the regular season)

Date: August 13, 2022

Time: 1:15pm

Location: Reno Ice

How to Follow:

Reno Pond Hockey is coming off of a 5-1 win against Mid-Ice Crisis. Reno Pond Hockey is on a three game winning streak. Reno Pond Hockey is 6-3-0. Reno Pond Hockey sits in 2nd place in the current D-League standings. The Guardians are coming off of a 3-2 win against The Grrrowlers. The Guardians are 3-6-0. The Guardians are currently in 4th place in the D-League standings. The all time record between Reno Pond Hockey and The Guardians is 1-0-0. Reno Pond Hockey last played The Guardians on July 6th, 2022. That game ended in a 6-1 Reno Pond Hockey victory.


Reno Pond Hockey has 36 goals after nine games. That is 4 goals per game. They have the 3rd most goals in D-League.

Reno Pond Hockey has allowed 29 goals after eight games. That is 3.22 goals against per game. That is currently 2nd least in the league. Reno Pond Hockey has a 7 goal differential.


The Guardians have scored 19 goals in nine games. That is 3 goals per game. They have the least most goals in D-League.

The Guardians have allowed 46 goals in nine games. That is 5.11 goals against per game. That is tied for second most goals allowed in D-League. They have a -27 goal differential.


The standings are pretty much set. The playoffs are pretty much set. Reno Pond Hockey is just looking to have a strong finish to their regular season. Goal tending made a large impact in the last game with The Guardians. I expect it to have an impact on this game as well. Reno Pond Hockey had a lot of energy in their last couple of games and I think that will continue today.

  • Game ten of the RIAL Summer 2022 season
  • Last game of the RIAL Summer 2022 regular season
  • Reno Pond Hockey won 5-1 in their last game
  • Reno Pond Hockey has won three straight
  • The Guardians won 3-2 in their last game
  • Reno Pond Hockey won the last game in this series
  • Reno Pond Hockey won 6-1 in their last meeting
  • Reno Pond Hockey is in 3rd place
  • The Guardians are in 4th place
  • Stay out of the penalty box
  • Shoot the puck
  • Hard passes
  • Build a lead
  • Finish the regular season strong

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