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Reno Ice Adult League Power Rankings Fall Week 3

Another week of action in the Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2022 season is in the books, which means it’s time for power rankings. Fourteen of the twenty-one teams have moved. Well over half the teams have moved. C-League saw the most movement this week. After two to three games, the standings are all over the place. Six teams have still not won a game yet this season. Check out last weeks RIAL power rankings here. Check out the full RIAL standings here.


There wasn’t too much movement in A-League. BWD Tooth Fairies moved up after beating the third-ranked team. The Mustangs moved down after not securing their first win against the last-ranked team. The other four teams lost or won against who they needed too in order to remain where they were.


There was a lot of movement in the C-League. The Murder Hornets are now the top-ranked team. They beat the previous top-ranked team. Slappy Gilmores are the only team to stay where they were previously ranked. Reno Fire Hosers crawled out of the last rank. Q&D Construction are now the last ranked team. The rest of the rankings are based on if teams won or lost this week plus the score lines.


NPU/TKO Motorsports was on the league website. They are not playing this season though. I have changed the power rankings to reflect that. Battle Born remains the top-ranked team. Bangarang moved up after defeating the second-ranked team. Trash Pandas moved down after losing to the third-ranked team. Satans Gatekeepers won moving them up. Long Drink got their first win this week. They still moved down because it was against the last ranked team. Milkshakes remain as the last ranked team and the only team in E-League to not have a win yet.



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