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Reno Ice Adult League Power Rankings Fall Week 5

The Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2022 regular season is about halfway finished. 12 teams moved in the power rankings this week. C-League again saw the most movement. Things are really shaking up in E-League. Most of the teams now have a good idea if they are going to make the playoffs and what they need to do to get into a playoff position. Four teams have still not won a game this season. Check out the last RIAL power rankings here. Check out the full RIAL standings here. I will be covering the RIAL Fall 2022 Playoffs starting next week.


A-League only saw movement at the bottom of the league. Teams won who should have won to stay where they are. Teams lost who should have lost to stay in their rank. Will the Free agents win a game? They came close once and I could see them doing it. Will the Reno Gamblers go undefeated? Probably. They haven’t had a challenge so far this season. If they continue to play at the current level they are playing at then they will go undefeated.


In C-League six of the nine teams moved. The biggest surprise so far is Black Ox. I thought they would be dominating the league. While they are still in the mix for being the top team, they are not as dominant as I thought they would be. The Slappy Gilmores may be undefeated at this point but I think the Murder Hornets are the better team from this week. The back and fourth in the power rankings continue for Q&D Construction and the Reno Fire Hosers.

Q&D Construction and the Reno Fire Hosers will have to play each other twice this season. The question becomes will one of them not win a game this season? Both teams have six games to go which is a lot of time to pull out a win. Realistically, they could win against each other or the United Skates. Even with that there is still the possibility that Q&D Construction or the Reno Fire Hosers might not win a game this season. The United Skates could beat both Q&D Construction and the Reno Fire Hosers this season. Q&D Construction or the Reno Fire Hosers could also win both games against each other. They could upset another team but don’t think they will.

Will the Slappy Gilmores go undefeated? Probably not. A close game with the Murder Hornets or Black Ox probably would end their undefeated streak. The Desert Dogs or Blue Moon are also likely candidates for close games that could end their streak.


Bangarang takes the top spot in this week’s power rankings. They knock off Battle Born who has been at the top since the beginning. Long Drink reclaimed the fourth spot back from Satans Gatekeepers. The top half of the E-League is really close in skill level. The bottom half of the E-League are closer in skill level to each other. There is a big drop-off from the skill level in the top and bottom half of the E-League. I don’t know if the same goes for the other two leagues. It doesn’t look like it to me. In my experience the lowest level in any sports league always has the biggest disparities in talent. The biggest questions in E-League right now is can the Milkshakes win a game and will Battle Born go undefeated?



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