sierra inline hockey league

Sierra Inline Hockey League 2022-23 Season Update

The Sierra Inline Hockey League is back. Recently they announced that the upcoming season will begin in November. The last season ended in March. I don’t know if they will break up this season or if this season will just extend. Last season started in January. They launched a new website. Right now the league is working on getting the rink together.


On October 27th they will be participating in the Boonanza at Mills Park. On the 29th they will be in the Nevada Day parade. From what I see online it looks like they are going to have everything set up by November 7th.


Reno Pond Hockey will return for its second season of SIHL action. Last season Reno Pond Hockey didn’t do as well in the standings as they would have liked. We had a lot of fun last season though and are looking forward to doing it again. It is more of a casual league. Win or lose it is a lot of fun.



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