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Reno Ice Adult League Power Rankings Fall Week 7

I am back with more power rankings for the Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2022 season. There wasn’t a lot of movement this week. Only seven teams moved this week. Only one team remains undefeated this season. The top team in A-League has lost its spot. Four teams still do not have a win this season.

Check out the last RIAL power rankings here. Check out the full RIAL standings here.


The top half of the A-League has shaken up. The Reno Gamblers got their first loss of the season. That changes the whole title race and playoff race. As a result, the Reno Gamblers have dropped two spots in the power rankings. RT Janitorial now leads the power rankings. The bottom half of the power rankings has not changed.

A-League Standings as of Oct. 18, 2022


There were only a couple of C-League games this last week. Black Ox moved up. Murder Hornets Moved down. That’s it. The C-League schedule looks like it is slowing down for the second half of the season.

C-League Standings as of Oct. 18, 2022


There was not a lot of movement in the E-League power rankings. The top teams won. The bottom teams lost. Battle Born and Bangarang play this week. That could dethrone Bangarang from the top spot. That could greatly impact the power rankings, title race, and playoff picture.

E-League Standings as of Oct. 18, 2022




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