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Reno Ice Adult League Power Rankings Fall Week 13

With the playoffs around the corner, it is time to do the final power rankings of the season. For most of the league not much has changed between last week and now. The top teams dropped off in A-League and C-League. Now we see if the power rankings reflect the outcome of the playoffs.

Check out the last RIAL power rankings here. Check out the full RIAL standings here.


In the final power rankings for this season, RT Janitorial passes the Reno Gamblers after their loss to The Mustangs. That win also propelled the Mustangs into the third spot. BWD Tooth Fairs (Now GBB Tooth Fairies) got pushed down to fourth because of the Mustangs win and their loss to the previously winless Free Agents. Whisky Dekes and the Free Agents didn’t move.

A-League Standings as of Nov. 23, 2022


The Slappy Gilmores move into first after defeating the Murder Hornets. The Desert Dogs and Murder Hornets moved up after the Murder Hornets defeated Black Ox. Their loss sent Black Ox all the way down to the fourth spot. Blue Moon, Lagers, United Skates, Reno Fire Hosers, and Q&D Construction did not move.

C-League Standings as of Nov. 23, 2022


Bangarang remains at the top of the E-League power rankings. Battle Born took the second spot. Trash Pandas took the third spot. Long Drink, Satan’s Gatekeepers, and Milkshakes round out the power rankings. The Milkshakes are the only team this season to not get a win.

E-League Standings as of Nov. 23, 2022



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