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The Zac Electrifly Shop Is Coming

I am opening an online shop on March 15. I’ve been working on it since November. How It Works My online shop will use dropshipping to sell products. How dropshipping works is that I design a product. You buy the product. the product is then made and shipped by a third party. For products that…

December Update

We made it to December 2020. It’s been the wildest ride to get here. I know I haven’t done an update blog in a while. I thought I’d do an update post because some crazy stuff happened last month and I think my followers need to know what’s going on. I am doing a 25…

Reno Pond Hockey Partners With is partnering with Reno Pond Hockey to become the official source for their content. will provide all of the Reno Pond Hockey content needs. News and other announcements will be on will also act as the originations website. will have things like about, event, and roster pages for Reno Pond…



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