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Breaking Down Reno 1868 FC’s 2020 Schedule

On January 9, 2020, the USL Championship schedule was released. I knew it was coming today because one of the posts on Reddit (r/USLPRO) was for a schedule release party for New Mexico united. I also figured that the league couldn’t be that far away from a release as they just released the home openers. It is still unclear to me what is going to happen in February or if Reno 1868 FC will do anything in January. I heard rumors that the San Jose Earthquakes no longer want to play Reno in a preseason game. I don’t know why. Last, I heard the team was looking for another team to play. Reno, however, has not announced any preseason activity yet. I figure the closer we get to February and preseason, the more we will know.

Home opener

March 14th Reno will see their first home game of the season. Reno’s home opener was just announced on Monday. I talked extensively about that in my last blog. Reno 1868 FC and OKC Energy FC have a history that does include some bad blood. Reno’s record is at 3-3-1 versus OKC. Reno did not win a game against OKC in 2019.

Read more about Reno 1868 FC’s home opener here:

Austin Bold FC

Reno will start their series with Austin in Austin on March 21st. Reno will finish the series in Austin at home on August 29th. Austin Bold FC was new to the league last season. Reno’s current record against them is 2-0-0. Austin did make the playoffs last season. Austin finished in 8th place.

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

Another Series Reno will be starting on the road. Reno will take on the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC on May 5th. This game will take place at Weidner Field. This series will come to Reno on July 18th.  Reno went 2-0-0 in 2019. Colorado Springs is another team that did not score a goal against Reno in 2019. Reno is currently 2-1-3 verses Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs finished the 2019 season in last place in the west. The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC is affiliated with the Colorado Rapids.

El Paso Locomotive FC

Reno will start their series with El Paso at home on May 2nd. Reno will only be playing El Paso one time during the 2020 season. this means it’s a winner takes all as there will be no chance for redemption if the game is lost. Reno went 0-1-1 verses El Paso in 2019. We’ll see if Reno can make it 1-1-1 in 2020. El Paso was another team added for the 2019 season. El Paso finished 6th in the west I 2019.

LA Galaxy 2

April 15th Reno will head to LA to take on LA Galaxy 2. This series will finish up in Reno on July 3rd. Reno has not lost a game to LA. Reno did set a record when they won a home game 9-0 against them back in 2017. Reno is currently 6-0-0 versus LA. LA finished in 9th in the west in 2019. The LA Galaxy 2 is owned by the LA galaxy

Silver State Cup (Las Vegas Lights FC)

April 4th will be the first of three games in April. This will be the first game in the Silver State Cup. Reno will be hosting Las Vegas in a home match to open up the series. The series will end in Las Vegas on September 26th. Reno went 2-0-0 and allowed zero goals against Las Vegas in 2019. Reno is currently back to back Silver State Cup champions. Reno’s Record in the Silver State Cup is currently 3-0-2. Las Vegas missed the 2019 playoffs by 6 points (2 wins). They finished their season in 13th place.

New Mexico United

Reno will host New Mexico United on June 20th. Reno will travel to New Mexico on October 17th. Reno went 2-0-0 Verses New Mexico in 2019. New Mexico joined the league in 2019. New Mexico went undefeated until April 13th when Reno handed them their first loss in franchise history. The score on that one was 2-1 Reno. New Mexico United finished 10th in the west getting the last playoff spot by only one point.

Orange County SC

Reno’s first game against Orange County will be on May 16th. This game will see Reno travel to Irvine California. The second game in this series will see Orange County come up to Reno on August 15th. Reno did not see a win against Orange County in 2019. Reno went 0-1-1 in 2019. Reno and Orange County played each other for the first game of the 2019 season. This game was significant because Orange County knocked Reno out of the playoffs in 2018. Overall Reno is 3-2-2 against Orange County. Orange county finished in 5th in the west last season.

Phoenix Rising FC

Reno will travel to take on Phoenix on May 29th for the first game of this series. Phoenix will be in Reno on October 3rd. Reno went 0-2-0 verses Phoenix in 2019. I hope that this trend won’t continue in 2020. Reno is 1-3-2 all-time versus Phoenix. Phoenix finished first in the west in 2019. Despite being heavily favored to win the cup they were eliminated in the second round.

Portland Timbers 2

March 28th Reno is set to take on Portland at home. This will be Reno’s fifth and final game in March. This game will also be Reno’s second home game of the year. July 12th Reno will travel to Portland to finish the series. Reno went 1-1-0 verses Portland in 2019. Reno is currently 6-1-1 versus the Portland Timbers 2. Portland finished the 2019 season 14th in the west. Portland Timbers 2 are owned by the Portland Timbers.

Real Monarchs

June 13th Reno will travel to Salt Lake City for the first of two games against the Monarchs. August 1st will see Salt Lake City come to Reno for the second game. Reno went 0-2-0 against Salt Lake City in 2019. Reno did eliminate Salt Lake City from the 2018 playoffs. Reno is currently 1-6-0 verses Salt Lake City. The Real Monarchs are owned by Real Salt Lake.

Rio Grande Valley FC

Reno will host Rio Grande Valley FC on June 6th. Reno will travel to Rio Grande Valley on September 12th. Reno went 2-0-0 against Rio Grande Valley in 2019. Overall Reno is 4-1-1 Verses Rio Grande Valley. Rio Grande Valley finished 2019 in 12th place. Rio Grande Valley FC are affiliated with the Houston Dynamo.

Donner Pass Derby (Sacramento Republic FC)

March 25th Reno will be travel to Sacramento for the first game of the 2020 Donner Pass Derby. Reno will host the final on October 10th. Reno the current Donner Pass Derby champion. Reno has won the derby with the Sacramento Republic two years in a row. Reno went 2-1-0 against Sacramento in 2019. Reno won the derby last season by a score of 7 to 4 throughout 3 games. Reno is 5-2-1 versus Sacramento. Sacramento finished last season 7th in the west. Sacramento will be moving up to MLS in 2022.

San Antonio FC

April 25th Reno will travel to San Antonio. July 15th San Antonio will come up to Reno. Reno went 0-2-0 versus San Antonio in 2019. Reno is 3-3-0 overall in this series. San Antonio finished 11th in 2019. They finished one point out of a playoff spot. San Antonio FC is affiliated with New York City FC.

San Diego Loyal SC

Reno will travel to San Diego on June 27th. San Diego will come to Reno on September 19th. San Diego is a new team for 2020. It will be nice to see how they do in 2020. Hopefully, they can pull together a competitive team for the season.

Tacoma Defiance

Reno will start the season with an away game in Tacoma on March 6. I talked about this a little bit in my last blog. Tacoma will be in Reno on September 5th. Reno went 1-0-1 verses Tacoma in 2019 which includes a 5-0 win. Reno is 3-0-3 against Tacoma Defiance. Tacoma finished 2019 second to last in the west. Tacoma is affiliated with the Seattle Sounders.

FC Tulsa

May 23rd Reno will host Tulsa. August 8th Reno will travel to Tulsa. Tulsa changed their name this offseason from Tulsa Roughnecks FC to FC Tulsa. This doesn’t change the fact that Tulsa didn’t beat Reno in 2019. Reno went 1-0-1 vs Tulsa in 2019. Overall Reno is 4-0-2 in this series. Tulsa finished third to last in 2019.

What do you think about this schedule? What games are you most excited for? What away trips are you going to in 2020? I am Zac and I want to thank you for making it to the end of this blog. I hope you have a great soccer season.

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