Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 29, 2022

Ecuador vs Senegal

Ecuador played Senegal. A win or draw for Ecuador would put them into the elimination round. A win would get Senegal out of the group stage. If they draw and the Netherlands loses they will tie and could get out of the group stage on tiebreakers. Senegal opened the scoring in the 44′ minute. They score the game’s opening goal on a penalty kick. Senegal had a 1-0 lead at halftime. Ecuador tied the game in the 67′ minute. Just a few minutes later Senegal would take the lead again. In the 70′ minute they scored the go-ahead goal. The final was a 2-1 Senegal win. With the win, Senegal advanced out of the group stage and into the round of 16. Ecuador was eliminated after their loss. The game was pretty even. Ecuador had more of the possession but just could find a way to win.


Netherlands vs Qatar

At the same time Ecuador was playing Senegal, the Netherlands were playing Qatar. Qatar had already been eliminated. The Netherlands needed a draw or win to advance. They could have advanced with a loss as long as the Ecuador vs Senegal game didn’t end in a tie. If that game did end in a tie and they lost it would be on the tie-breakers if they advance. The Netherlands score the first goal in the 26′ minute. They would take a 1-0 lead into halftime. In the 49′ minute they would add to their lead. The final was 2-0 Netherlands. With the win they did not have to worry about the other Group A game. The Netherlands advanced to the round of 16. Qatar had an extremely disappointing world cup. I don’t think they would have been in it if they weren’t hosting. Netherlands outshot Qatar. They had majority of possession. They were just the better team all around which we knew going into this game.


Iran vs United States

For the next match, Iran played the United States. The United States needed a win to advance. Iran needed at least a draw to advance. I already did a review of this game. If you have not seen it go check it out. The United States scored the game’s only goal in the 38′ minute. That secured their win. With the win, the United States advanced to the round of 16. The United States also went undefeated during the group stage. This win gave the United States back to back clean sheets. Iran was eliminated after the loss. The USA had majority of the shots, possession, and set pieces. Christian Pulisic did go to the hospital due to a collision with the Iran keeper while scoring.

United States vs Iran Review | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Wales vs England

While Iran was playing the United States, England played Wales. England needed to win, draw, or not lose by six or more goals to advance. Wales needed to win with the Iran vs United States game ending in a draw. If that happened they might have been able to advance on tiebreakers. The game was at a 0-0 draw at halftime. England scored early in the second half to take the lead. Their fist goal was in the 50′ minute. They would then add to their lead a minute later. They would score the game’s final goal in the 68′ minute. The final score was 3-0 England. England was favored to win. They took control of the game in the second half and didn’t let off the gas. With the win England won Group B and advanced to the round of 16. Wales was eliminated with this loss.


The Netherlands won Group A. The Netherlands and Senegal advance to the round of 16. Ecuador and Qatar are eliminated in the group stage. England won Group B. England and the United States advance to the round of 16. Iran and Wales were eliminated.

Poland leads Group C. France leads Group D. Spain leads Group E. Croatia leads Group F. Brazil leads Group G. Portugal leads Group H.


Tunisia vs France. France has already advanced to the round of 16. A win would put Tunisia in a position to advance on tiebreakers if Australia vs ends in a draw or Australia loses. I think France will win this match and eliminate Tunisia.

Australia vs Denmark. If Denmark wins, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia could all tie. At that point, it would come down to tiebreakers. If Australia wins they will advance. Is Australia and Denmark draw, Australia could tie with Tunisia. That would again come down to tiebreakers.

Poland vs Argentina. Poland would advance with a draw or win. Argentina would advance with a win. With a draw, Argentina would tie the winner of Saudi Arabia vs Mexico. Then it would come down to tie-breakers. If Argentina loses they will be eliminated by the winner of the Saudi Arabia vs Mexico match.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico. If Saudi Arabia wins and Argentina loses they will advance. If the game ends in a draw and Argentina loses Saudi Arabia will advance. If both games draw then Mexico will be eliminated and who will advance between Argentina and Saudi Arabia will come down to tiebreakers. The only way Mexico can advance is if Argentina loses and they win.

In the current bracket, the Netherlands will play the United States in the round of 16. The only other Round of 16 matches currently set is England vs Senegal.

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