Rules and Tournament Format Announcements

Registration: all players must pay 5 dollars to enter the tournament unless otherwise specified. The last day to register is 6/14. The tournament will take place on 6/16.

What follows is a list of rules for the upcoming Battle Born Brigade FIFA18 World Cup.

Players will have 5min. to select teams, kits and set strategies. All teams will be international teams. It does not madder if that team qualified for the world cup. It can also be either men’s or women’s international team.

The player playing as the home team gets the team advantage. This means that the home player can use any international team. The same team cannot be used by both players. If both players select the same team the away team player will have to select a different team.

The player playing as the home team also gets Kit advantage. This means that the home player can select any kit from their selected team. Both teams cannot use the same primary colored kit. If both players select the same primary colored kit the away player has to change kits.

During the game, each player has one 30sec. timeout per half. This means that each can pause the game for up to 30sec. in each half. If a player pauses twice in a half they will be issued a warning. If a player pauses three or more times in a half they may have to forfeit the game.

Half time is up to 2min.

Game settings:

Half length 6 min.

Difficulty level professional

Quick subs on

Match conditions random

Pitch pattern default

Pitch wear none

Game speed normal

Game ball default

Harassing of other players will not be tolerated.

If extra time is required neither player will receive additional timeouts. There will be up to 30sec. in between the second half and additional time. There will also be up to 30sec. in between the first and second additional time. Finally, there will also be up to 30sec in between additional time and penalty kicks.


Tournament format

Each player is guaranteed 3 games in the group stage. Ideally each group will only have 4 players. However, currently there are 11 players. What that would mean is that we will have a group 2 groups of 5. Prior to the group stage 2 players will play in a qualifier for the last group b spot. Both players playing in the group b qualifier will only have to pay a dollar prior to the match. The loser does not have to play the rest of the registration fee while the winner does. The group stage will have every player play 3 games against other players in their group. The player in first place of each group after the group stage will automatically advance to the second round of the tournament. Second and third place players will play in the first round. The winners of each round will move on.

During the group stage, each win is worth 3 points, each draw (tie) is worth 1 and each loss is worth 1 point. Tiebreakers during the group stage are as follows: points, wins, losses, draws, goals for, goals against, goal differential. Tie breaks during elimination games are as follows: first extra time then penalty kicks.


Additional rules may be added up to the tournament date.



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