All For Our City Podcast Notes Ep. 6

What follows is something that I think will help the All For Our City Podcast listeners have more input and connect more with the show. What I am doing starting with the latest episode is sharing my notes. This will give people a more in depth look at the podcast. I am hoping that this will also allow people to give better feedback and allow me to implement it quicker. Anyway here are the notes.


Welcome to episode 6 

1868 news 

New scarfs

3 new scarfs

The lucha scarf

The Reno city flag scarf

The Reno skyline scarf

What’s going on on the pitch 

Team roster

Key players on defense

Key players on midfield 

-Raul Mendiola role with the team

Key forward players 

-Brian Brown role with the team

-Danny Musovski role with the team

Key goalies

-Who will be in net for Reno?

-JT’s role with San Jose

How did Reno do during preseason
Orange County (home opener) game preview

-Key players to watch for

Other team news 

Nevada Coyotes fc 

-Last game review

-Next game review

-Haven’t played a game this year yet

Indoor team 

Uncertain future


Thank you for listening

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