Official Statement Regarding SoundCloud

I will not be uploading future Episodes of the All For Our City Podcast or any other content onto SoundCloud for the foreseeable future.

Why have I been using SoundCloud? I see it as an alternative to viewing things on YouTube. I have mainly been using it for my podcast to give listeners an alternative to YouTube. That hasn’t been going well. In 6 episodes all of one person listened to it on SoundCloud. That doesn’t bother me. I continue to upload on SoundCloud anyway. I just figured it would be good to have episodes on there for in the future as the podcast grows. I thought it would be good to just have a backlog instead of waiting for demand for it. I had also planed to produce copyright free mixes and original music to put on the platform. All of this will be put on hold for now.

Why am I no longer using SoundCloud? The effort it would take to grow on the platform would take too much time away from my other content creation. My fans and audience have also not shown any interest in SoundCloud. Like I have said previously I have uploaded 6 episodes to the platform and have gotten only one play. The platform also creates another issue I can no longer ignore. The issue is that content uploading is limited. On SoundCloud a single user is limited to the amount of hours they can upload. The way to get around this is by paying for pro. I will not be doing that. The reason I wont be is because there has been no interest from my audience in what I put on SoundCloud. I honestly at this point have no reason to pay for something will ultimately just sit there and be ignored.

Will I ever return to this platform? I might. If I do it will only be because of demand from my audience. However I do not see that happening. If I’m focusing on YouTube and promoting the videos I put on there, I doubt that my audience will want to change platforms just for a podcast. It is still a platform that I am open too and want to use. Now just isn’t the right time. The right time is in the future after I have grown the podcast and grown overall as a YouTuber.

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