1868 Now Announcement

I am starting a new podcast. This podcast will be a pregame podcast. The name of the show will be “1868 Now”. After taking a several different names into consideration this is the name I chose. Other names that were taken into consideration were “1868 Gameday”, “1868 Central”, “1868 Beyond The Pitch”, “Inside 1868”, “1868 Corner Kick”, and “1868 Penalty Kick”. This is a project I have been working on since the end of Reno 1868FC’s last season. It initially was going to be a live weekly podcast. It has since turned into what will be a live pregame podcast. A lot has changed since I first started working on this project. I figure it will evolve and completely change before the end of the USL season.

What is 1868 Now?

What this will be is a live pregame show on YouTube. The show will take place at wherever the pregame spot is located. I plan on doing this during the pregame festivities. What I plan on talking about on the show is whatever match will be on that day. I will only be doing this during home game matches. It might be too difficult to do for away games. I have the set up ready to go. I did not have the set up ready last week, otherwise I would have started this last week. The set up I will be using starts with my iphone. It is a 6s so it has solid filming capabilities. I can also livestream directly on YouTube with the phone. The microphone I will be using is a MOVO VXR10. This microphone is similar to the Rode VideoMicro. I also will be using a tripod. This setup is a pretty standard vloging set up for smart phones.

Who will be on the show?

Right this moment I don’t know who will be on the show with me. I don’t think anyone wants to be on the show on a permanent bases. At least the people I was working with on this project don’t. I figure someone in the future might, But I have not found that person yet. I am actively seeking people to be guests on the show. One suggestion that was brought up to me was that I should just have someone different on the show every week. So that is a possibility.

What will the future look like?

What so I want this show to be in the future? Considering that I think this show has a lot of potential, I have some ideas. I think doing it in a permeant location prior to pregame would help with securing guests, and the recognizability of the show. I have thought about that. I think that there are two very real possibilities. Option one would be to have a bar host as the location. The front runner for this would be Mellow Fellow. Just on location alone. Otherwise I think the show could have another bar (or any location really) sponsor to host the show. The problem with a bar is the noise level. Often bars play music, people are talking and there is just generally a lot of background noise. I think that that issue is manageable. The other thought I had would be to do it at Greater Nevada Field. The stadium would be a perfect location. The only issue would be getting approved to use it. I figure if the show is popular enough then I will make efforts to get that location or to get just a better location in general. Outside of location I haven’t thought much about the future of the show. Most of my time this project so far has just been trying to get it off the ground. There are a few production things I could do in the future once there is a permeant location. Those things would be upgrading equipment, introduction, outro, other graphic related things, the ability to bring up highlights, thing more so in that direction. Things like that will bring up the production quality of the show. I am more focused on getting to and past show one then what the future holds.

How To Watch

The show will be live on the YouTube channel Zac Plays soccer during the Battle Born Brigade pregame. The show should start around 12pm. If not sooner. I am scheduling it for after the Battle Born Brigade set up. Last week we didn’t start set up until 11am. The bar also wasn’t open until closer to 12pm. The easiest way to get notified about when the show starts will be to subscribe to Zac Plays soccer on YouTube. The second easiest way would be to follow me on social media.

1868 Now:

3/15/19 Reno 1868 FC vs Austin Bold


Battle Born Brigade pregame location: Mellow Fellow

live on YouTube: Zac Plays soccer

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