March 16 Videos | An In Depth Look

In this blog, I am going to be discussing multiple videos. All of the videos I will be discussing either were released, streamed, or recorded March 16th and revolve around the Reno 1868 FC vs Austin Bold game. These videos are the 1868 Now, All For Our City, and Live Postgame videos. 

Before I get into those videos I want to talk about the Orange County All For Our City video. Starting with the promo video. that video didn’t perform as well as I would have liked. it currently only has 52 views. Which is 10 within views of the first San Jose promo. It did still under preform compared to the second San Jose promo. My goal was for it to get 60 or more views. Which that isn’t that under preforming by a lot. Its only 8 views which is only around 13%. Which is a lot for a small channel like mine. Getting into the All For Our City video, it also under preformed. 100 views might have been slightly over optimistic. It was my goal and still is. Currently after only 9 days after its release it sits at 87 vies. Which again isn’t bad. It is however 44 views under the San Jose video and 13% off goal. With soccer season now upon us I have more videos to release in a shorter timeframe. What that means is that I do not have as much time to promote videos as I did with the San Jose videos. This makes time dedicated to Promoting content even more valuable. I think that if I am going to reach my goals for views, I am going to need to create social media strategies for all of my video series. 

Reno vs Orange County Promo One
Reno vs Orange County | All For Our City (Mar. 9, 2019)

1868 Now

Looking at the first episode of 1868 Now, it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Going into the video I was really nervous about it. That was because it was the first time I had ever done a live podcast style video, or have done a live video where people can see what I am doing. I didn’t have any real negative thoughts going into it. I tried to remain as positive as I could be going into it. Being positive going into it I think helped a lot. As far as the recording goes, I am happy with the way it turned out. While I was recording here was a lot more background noise then I had initially anticipated. I thought this was a problem while recording. During the stream, I could barely hear myself. After going back and watching the video though it did seem like my audio was fine. There weren’t any other issues I had with the stream. It was also only the first episode; Future episodes will be better. As far as analytics go, I am happy with where it sits. It currently has 68 views. After a few episodes, I will set a goal for the amount of views I want per episode for future episodes.

Live: Reno 1868 FC vs Austin Bold | 1868 Now

All For Our City

This video is easy to talk about as there is not much to talk about. Going into it I was still thinking about the things I wanted to do better in this video then in the previous two videos. Things which I have discussed in previous blogs. The filming went smoothly. I got a lot of good shots. Editing and uploading went smoothly, although I did release the video later then I wanted too. As far as analytics go, it’s off to a good start. Like with all of the All For Our City videos, my goal for views for this video is to get 100 views. After only being out for two days it has 50 views. So, it is half way to where I want it to be. It’s on track. I would like to be within 10 views of the goal by Saturday. 

Reno vs Austin | All For Our City (Mar. 16, 2019)

Live Postgame

There is not much to say about this video either. I know that I need to work on the length of these videos. My ideal length is 10 minutes. Neither one of the live post game videos I have done so far have reached that time. Both streams fell short of reaching that time due to my phone dyeing of power loss. I encountered this issue after the orange county game. I am prepared for this issue moving forward. a question I did ask after I released the video was should these videos be more like the 1868 Now videos. The answer I was given by my audience was a no. So, I am going to continue to do the postgame videos the same way. At least for now. Analytically the video preformed as well as I wanted it too. It is currently siting at 21 views. I will be happy if the live postgame videos get 10 views. I don’t really have a goal for these videos. It’s not that I don’t care about them. It’s just that I am happy with where they are and where they have been. 

Live Postgame: Reno vs Austin

Decline in views

I won’t know until late March or early April if this is actually happening. What I think is going on is that there is a decline in views on my videos. Not just a decline where one video doesn’t perform as well as others either. It looks like my videos have had a consistent decline in views. This appears to have started with Orange County promo one. That video has a drastic drop in views since the previous promo video. The drop in views continue with the Austin promo. The drop is also happening with the All For Our City series. The only series that looks immune to this is the All For Our City podcast. What I fear is happening is that the views are going down because new viewers are becoming disinterested. What I think might happen is that will slow down and then remain consistent at a small number. it is too soon in opinion though to truly know if this is happening. 

All For Our City videos so far in March

(views as of March 21, 2019)

Reno vs Orange County | All For Our City (Mar. 9, 2019)-88 views (released March 11)

Reno vs Austin | All For Our City (Mar. 16, 2019)-52 views (released March 19)

*roughly a 59% drop

Promo videos so far in March

(views as of March 21, 2019)

Reno vs Orange County Promo One-52 views (released March 5)

Reno vs Austin Promo One-21 views (released March 12)

Reno at Fresno Promo One-11 views (released March 20) *doesn’t really count

*roughly a 40% drop between video 1 and video 2

All For Our City Podcasts so far in March

(views as of March 21, 2019)

episode 6-16 views (released March 6)

episode 7-21 views (released March 14)

*roughly a 76% increase

I think this is happening because of something I mentioned earlier. The amount of time I have put into promotion has been cut back. This is largely because the time I have to promote my content has been cut. This means that the amount of content I put in front of people has been cut back. My content revolving around Reno 1868 FC could also be playing a factor. This would only be because of market size and how popular the team is within the market. I like to think though that that does not affect the performance of my content. I have seen the effects of this is the past as well. When bigger market leagues come to play like MLS or Liga MX, views are increased because of the bigger market size. If there are other reasons for this happening I don’t know. 

If this is an issue, I do want to catch it as soon as possible, that way I can start to at least attempt to fix it. So even though it isn’t clear yet if this is an issue, I want to start to fix it. I think the best way to fix this is to create a social media promotion plan and implement it. The reason I think that this is the best option at this point is because it will help me be more efficient with social media. It will help me to post more as well as having better social media content. 

That being said I would like to thank you for reading though this blog. If you do watch my videos, I would also like to thank you for that. If you enjoy my content please consider subscribing to me on YouTube and following me on social media. 

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