April Blog

Update time. how did I do in march? I know in my march blog I was really concerned about what was going on with the analytics of it all. At that point I felt like I was failing. So what has happened since that point? It feels like forever since I wrote my march blog. towards the end of march I got to a point where it felt like I was doing YouTube as a job. I don’t like this as much because it takes away from fun aspects of video creation. It becomes less about doing it for fun and more about doing it to meet a deadline. I don’t like that. If I was making money I would be more ok with it. I also have found myself in a position where the more I want to expand what I am doing, the less time I have to do so. These are minor issues I have been dealing with since I started doing YouTube. The easiest way to deal with these issues is to forget about what you didn’t do yesterday and push on to getting todays needs done.

 So what did I say I wanted to do in the March blog? I still have not released any music videos. I have been putting podcast notes up on my blog. I have been doing the post match blog which has had success. It helped shoot my website views/visits over 2018. Currently it sits at double that of 2018. I don’t think that I will be doing a USL blog. I have been posting in depth blogs about my videos. I still haven’t released any FIFA19 related content. I want to though. I have been doing promotional videos. those however are limited to games that I am going to and games where I have footage of us playing the team. I was filming a travel vlog for the Fresno match, but I found that  when traveling with a group of people its almost impossible to film. So I have given up on trying to do those this season. I might still try to do them in the future. It is still something that I want to do and is something that could add to the value of my channel. I did do a little bit more original content for social media. I still don’t have a social media plan yet. I will have that by the end of April.

 Did I grow at all in March? Yes but only slightly. Watch time went up. Views went up. Subscribers went up. I don’t think I grew to much on social media. I think a lot of the growth I saw was because of high output. I was uploading up to three videos a day on match days and a total of six plus a week. I also am now doing a minimum of one blog a week. I was outputting original social media content every week as well. Its high output. I want to continue this amount of output. I think its good and I think it puts me right in a spot where I’m right below what I want my output level to be. The only things I was missing and will be missing is GoPro soccer and FIFA19 content. 

There are some things that happened in March and to begin April that will effect what I do in the future. I didn’t have to many issues on the technical side in March. The biggest issue I was during away games. I was having issues getting my GoPro into stadiums. I will have another blog where I discus that issue. Something else that has come up more recently is that YouTube is limiting its mobile live streaming. Starting I guess in April, in order to live stream using a phone your channel has to have at least 1,000 subscribers. to me this is a little ridiculous as they are still allowing people to live stream on other devices (such as laptop) with no subscriber requirements. I have not heard YouTube having any issues with people live streaming on their phones. I would not be surprised if there was. I wouldn’t be surprised either if YouTube was trying to do this to motivate people to get more subscribers. I could see them moving further to limit or completely block features to creators who are under subscriber counts. We saw this with monetization so its not a stretch. I only have 31 subscribers on the Zac Plays soccer channel. That’s no where near 1,000. I do 2 video series based on going live on my phone. live post game and 1868 now. So this effects me. I don’t want to have to switch streaming platforms, but I probably will. At least until I can figure out a solution to streaming on YouTube with my phone. 

Thank you for reading this. Keep up with what is going on by following me on social media. More blogs will be coming out soon. 

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