Moving forward without Brian Brown

It was announced on July 5, 2019, that Brian Brown had been put on loan to FK Partizani of the Albanian Superliga. A team that was founded 73 years ago in 1945. They finished third out of 16 in the 2018-19 season. Brian Brow is Reno 1868 FC’s all-time leading scorer.  He scored the game-winner against the Real Monarchs SLC in the first round of last year’s playoff to give Reno their first playoff win.

Here are some reactions from social media: 

Here is what Brian Brown said following the announcement:

I think overall the reaction has been mostly positive. I think most of the fans are happy about the success of our players. Even if that means moving to another team. 

How bad is it? The situation is not as bad as it looks. He has been gone before because with call ups to the Jamaican national team. Reno has also been playing for a few weeks without him. The team was struggling without him. He was the driving force for our offense up to the Gold Cup. For a while now the question has been can we win without Brown? For most of this season, the answer has been no. In the last week, the team has really found their footing without him. So the team has turned a solid no into a solid yes. 

What do we do now? Nothing. As I said in my last game review, I think that the addition of Brown in the team at its current state would only improve the team. I think it would have improved his play as well. I just think that this moves us from a championship contender into a top 4 team. We just lost our number one striker, but there are a few guys currently challenging for that spot. Corey Hertzog is currently the front runner in my opinion. Close to him though is Sam Gleadle. I think that both of them are proficient scorers. It has yet to be seen though if either of them can be the driving force behind our offense. 

I think that the mindset for some people has been one that looks forward to Brown’s return. I have had that mindset myself. I thought that the Phoenix game could have had a much different result if Brown was on the field. I think that that mindset now needs to change. We can no longer look at him as the person who will save the team and take it to the championship. I think the mindset now needs to be looking at how we can be successful with the guys we have.

*I said that Brian Brown was loaned he was actually transferred

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