An In Depth Look: Reno 1868 FC vs Club America U20s | All For Our City (Jul. 12, 2019)

If you don’t know my last All For Our City video did well. At least compared to some of my other recent videos. While it didn’t do as well as I thought it would I am glad when any video reaches 100 views. I did try out some new filming ideas in this video. I also changed some things up to have it separate itself from other videos in this series. 

Where does this video fit in on my channel? 

It currently has 110 views. That puts it in the top ten all-time for Zac Plays soccer videos. This video falls only 3 views behind Reno vs Orange County (Mar. 9, 2019) and 57 views behind (the most viewed All For Our City video so far this year) Reno vs San Jose | All For Our City (Feb. 9, 2019). This video still comes over 400 views behind the 2018 Liga MX video. All For Our City-Reno vs Morelia (Jul. 14, 2018) currently has 547 views. 

Why do I think this video did so well?

Audience size. That’s why I think all the videos that I do that cover leagues with a larger audience perform better than videos that don’t. So basically, it did better because it covered Liga MX and not USL. If that is the case then why doesn’t it have the same view count as last year’s Liga MX video? The promotion wasn’t as big for this game as the last two years. It showed in the size of the crowd. I also think that playing the U20’s and not the first team also effected it. 

I think other things that factored into this are that I did change the title and thumbnail from what a normal All For Our City video would have. I think some of the slight changes I made might have made a difference but I don’t think that the changes were enough to draw any substantial number of views. 

What’s been going on lately?

There is still a lot of videos left to make this year. Who knows what will happen in the future. I don’t think things that happen on YouTube happen by chance. I think everything happens for a reason. I think that in 2018 I was doing better. In 2018 Zac Plays soccer peaked in September. I was gradually growing up to that point. Currently in 2019 views peaked back in January and were able to stay pretty consistent through March. Then in April views slowly started to drop off. Since then it has been a gradual decline. I figured this would happen. I wrote a whole blog about it back in March. 

I know views are declining, but why? I think this decline in views over the last almost 4 months has to do with the content I put out. Not having consistent content on my YouTube channel is part of the issue. Meaning that I think that not having a video up every week hurts the views and growth that I get. Another thing is verity. I don’t think I can keep people interested in my channel if I don’t have variety. I think that that might be a key thing for sports channels to have.  

I am hoping that August will be a big month for me. I am hoping that this video will help me get back to where I was in March.  If I want to get back to that point there will be some other things that I will need to do. I will probably discuss that more in a future blog. 

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