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Top 10 All For Our City Videos Of 2019

The 2019 USL Championship season isn’t over yet. The conference finals were this last weekend. The final is this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, Reno 1868 FC’s season has been over for two weeks now. This post is the first in a series of content that will be celebrating Reno 1868 FC’s 2019 season. As you can tell from the title of this blog, this is a list. A list of videos I made in 2019. The way this list is set up is with views. Whatever video has the most views as of November 11, 2019, will be number one on this list. I am only doing videos in the All For Our City series. Only videos from 2019 count for this list. Promo videos, “Welcome To 2019” and “Truckee Cam Highlights” do not count. 

Number 10 

Coming in at number 10 is Reno 1868 FC vs Fresno FC | All For Our City (Sep. 7, 2019). This video has 92 views. This was one of the most emotional games of the season. 

Being honest, we played good for the first 20 minutes and the last 10 minutes. Overall, we played a lot better than we did in our last three games despite the result. What makes this result suck so much despite a lot of positives coming out of the game is how quickly we went from a tied game to losing again.

Number 9

The number 9 slot goes to Reno vs Austin | All For Our City (Mar. 16, 2019). This video currently has 92 views. This was Reno 1868 FC’s first win of the season. This was also the first time Reno hosted Austin. 

First win of the year. Hopefully we can continue our undefeated streak at Fresno this weekend.

Number 8 

At number 8 is Reno vs Las Vegas| All For Our City (Jun. 1, 2019). This video currently sits at 99 views. This was the first game of the 2019 Silver State Cup (Reno vs Vegas). I also think that this was Brian Brown’s last Reno 1868 FC game. I could be wrong about that. This is also the game where I got hit in the face with a ball during warm-ups.   

It was a great game on the pitch with Reno scoring 4 and shutting out Las Vegas. It was just as exciting in the stands as it was on the pitch. This first leg of the Silver State Cup is brought to my Instagram. Check it out for cool shirts and other exclusive content. The footage at the end of the video is of me getting hit with a ball during warm ups. I apologize that I don’t have better footage.

Number 7 

At number 7 is Reno 1868 FC vs San Antonio FC | All For Our City (Aug. 10, 2019). This video also sits at 99 views. This was also the last game Antonio (Reno 1868 FC supporter) was at before he headed to Europe. 

Nothing went our way in this one. A lot of the blame has been placed on San Jose. We will see what happens as the team travels to Phoenix.

Number 6

The first video on this list to crack 100 views is the number 6 spot Reno vs New Mexico | All For Our City (Apr. 20, 2019). This video currently has 105 views. This game is memorable because Reno handed New Mexico their first loss in franchise history. 

Amazing game. Amazing atmosphere. Amazing people.

Number 5

The top 5 starts with Reno vs Oklahoma | All For Our City (Mar. 30, 2019). This video is close to reaching 150 views. It currently has 146 views. The series between Reno and Oklahoma City will always have a black mark on it because of what happened in 2017. Our club and their supporters have not let that define the club. I think that says something truly positive about Reno. 

Blowing a lead at the end like that sucks. Despite a bad result I will still support the team.

Number 4 

The number 4 spot belongs Reno 1868 FC vs Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC | All For Our City (Jul. 27, 2019). This video narrowly squeezes into this spot with 148 views. This game will always be memorable to me because I got to work with Truckee to create a really neat video about his perspective of the game. 

Big win from our boys in blue. There was great energy in the stands. This was one of my favorite games of the season so far. Reno started the month off with a 4-0 win and ended the month with a 4-0 win. I was blessed to be able to work with Truckee (the Reno 1868 FC mascot) on this one. I will be creating more content with the footage I got of him during this game. I hope that I get to work with him again in the future. 

Number 3 

The top 3 starts with Reno vs San Jose | All For Our City (Feb. 9, 2019). This video has 164 views right now. This was the first All For Our City game video of 2019. I think this is the first time Reno beat San Jose. This was also the first game with three separate supporter’s groups. 

What a game. To beat San Jose like we did was incredible.

Number 2 

The second-best performing video of 2019 currently is Reno 1868 FC vs Club America U20s | All For Our City (Jul. 12, 2019). This video is the first on this list to crack 200 views. 200 is the exact number of views it has right now. The 2018 Liga MX video currently has 569 views. The 2017 Liga MX video currently has 409 views. This game will always be remembered as it was Reno’s first win over a Liga MX team. When the season started I thought this would be the number 1 overall video of 2019. 

I had a lot of fun at this game. I need to get on the drums more. I need more practice too. This was a great win for Reno. It was their first time beating a Liga MX team. This might go down as the biggest win of the season for us too. I hope you enjoy this video. If you did please leave a like, comment why and subscribe to see future videos. 

Number 1 

The number 1 All For Our City video of 2019 is Reno vs Orange County | All For Our City (Mar. 9, 2019). This video currently has 309 views. This video is number 2 all-time on the Zac Plays soccer channel. I wasn’t expecting this at the start of the year. According to YouTube analytics, the video didn’t reach 200 views until September. I don’t know why this video has done so well. If I did then I would try to replicate it.

Not the result anyone wanted. The team has a lot to work on. At least we got a point.  

With that, I am done with this list. It is not what I would have expected at the beginning of the season. I’m surprised that none of the Sacramento videos made it onto this list. It seems like I averaged 50 views per video this season. I was hoping to average 100 views per video this season. That didn’t happen. I’m going to try to make that happen next year. I hope you liked this list. I hope you found it entertaining. Below is a list of top 5 promos from 2019. Below is the list of top 5 all-time All For Our City Videos. 

Top 5 Promos


USL Championship Playoff Pump Up (Round 1)


Reno vs Oklahoma City Promo One


Reno vs Orange County Promo One


Reno vs San Jose Promo Two


Silver State Cup Promo One


Top 5 All Time


All For Our City-Reno vs San Jose (Feb. 18, 2017)


Reno vs Orange County | All For Our City (Mar. 9, 2019)


For Our City-Reno vs Sacramento (June 10, 2017)


All For Our City-Reno vs Atlas (July 8, 2017)


All For Our City-Reno vs Morelia (Jul. 14, 2018)


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