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Danny Musovski And Why I Don’t Like LA Sports Teams

It was announced on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, that former Reno 1868 FC player Danny Musovski signed with LAFC. I like Danny. He is a strong USL player. In 2019, he scored 11 goals in 24 appearances for Reno. I think with some work he could be a solid MLS player. His signing with LAFC is good. It puts more Reno 1868 FC alumni in the MLS. It’s a good step forward for his career. I’m glad to see him sign with a team that is considered a top team in MLS. It’s good for him and ultimately good for our team’s reputation.

What’s not good is how LAFC fans reacted to his signing. They reacted in the worst possible way. The moment it was announced on Twitter, LAFC fans started to talk trash about him. They didn’t even give him a chance. He hasn’t played one minute for them yet. It seems like the LAFC fans don’t like the signing because they don’t know who he is. Now instead of directing their dislike for the signing towards the team, they directed it towards Danny. Not knowing a player is not a good reason to send him hate after the signing. That kind of attitude shows that they have a toxic fan base.

This situation has shown that LAFC fans will be upset with any signing unless it’s a high-profile player. The idea that every player that they sign has to be high profile is arrogant. Not every player that a team sign is going to be a high profile. Some of the most impactful players on most team’s rosters never get credit. Depth is important on any team. Depth is something LAFC is lacking. Signing Danny is a way that they are trying to fix that issue.

LA fans have always been toxic. It doesn’t matter what sport. It’s been going on long before LAFC joined the MLS. Nothing I can do will stop it. What I don’t like is that they’re so disrespectful to a guy who they don’t even know. I could see it if he came from a rival team. Not wanting to sign your rival’s players is understandable. What they’re doing is just really toxic. I wouldn’t want to play for a team whose fans didn’t like me before I even started to play for them. It’s not every single fan either. It’s just a few but when their this vocal about it it’s hard to ignore.

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