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Everything You Need To Know About The Zac Plays Soccer 2020 Limited Edition Black Scarf

Everything you need to know about the Zac Plays soccer 2020 limited edition black scarf

Today I am launching the 2020 limited edition black scarf for Zac Plays soccer. Pre orders are available now. The pre order price is $25. Pre orders end on March 14th. At that point, the price will increase to $30. This is a limited edition run. I will only be ordering one batch of scarfs and when they are gone the scarf will no longer be available. 

I wanted to do some fundraising for my YouTube channel for the 2020 soccer season. In 2019, I tried to sell t-shirts. That didn’t go very well. So, I decided that for 2020 I will be doing scarfs.

When I set out to design these scarfs I wanted to design something that would match the Reno 1868 FC white kit. I wanted it to feel like it matched the team. I wanted the design to be unique in the stands. I also wanted it to stand out as something that would distinctively represent my channel.

The scarf has a minimalistic and balanced design. The scarf has a white base. The tips of the scarf are black. On one side in large letters, it says Reno NV in black. Reno being our city. NV being our state. To the right of the NV is the Zac Plays soccer logo in black. The left of Reno is the QR code for the Zac Plays soccer YouTube channel. On the other side of the scarf in large letters it says EST. 1868. 1868 was the year Reno was established. Also on this side of the scarf are designs in black.

This is a good opportunity for you to support my channel. This is also a good opportunity for you to show other people that you support what I do. I couldn’t do what I do without viewers like you. 


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