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March Blog

We are now in March. I know I haven’t done an update blog since December. A lot has happened since then. The biggest thing to happen since then is that I have gotten super far behind on making videos. I just launched a new limited-edition scarf. You can check out the post I made about it here. And you can buy it here.


In December, I made some changes to my website. I was able to change the domain name from zacelectrifly.wordpress.com to just zacelectrifly.com. Doing this also allowed me to access other features. It’s now easier for me to sell things on my website. I can now run ads on my website. I also took this chance to start remodeling my website.

In January, I only released two blogs. The first one got 34 views. The second one got 43 views. I did finish remodeling my website. January did see an increase in views from December. The views went from 94 to 100. January did have less visitors than December. December had 83 while January had 79. January also earned me two cents. My goal for January was to get more views and visitors than December. I accomplished that goal. I think that completing that goal makes it a good month. I think it was a good way to start the year.

February. Last February was a disappointment. In 2019, I published one post, got 9 visitors and 11 views. This February was different. I published six blog posts. I got around 30-40 views per post. The actual mean is 33.5 views per post. The top post was “2020 Reno 1868 FC Kit Review”. I published two podcast notes and got a total of one view between both posts. I will continue to put those on my blog. Views and visitors were up from January. In February, I got 253 views and 202 visitors. Revenue from ads was also up. This month I did get 18 cents. This is right where I want to be because it is showing growth.

Expectations for march

March was my best month last year. Last March I got 467 views and 365 visitors. Most of that came from a single game review. That’s only 214 views and 163 visitors difference from what I got in February. I am hoping to pass what I was able to get last March. I think what will happen is that March will again be my best month. Following March things should start to fall into a consistent pattern. I do think there will be a drop off in April but I don’t think it will be as big as last year. Last year’s drop off went from 467 views and 365 visitors to 77 views and 73 visitors. That’s a difference of 390 views and 292 visitors. I don’t want to see a drop off like that this year. The best way I can think of avoiding that is to maintain consistent posting. I think if I continue to publish around 10 blogs a month my website will continue to grow.  


I didn’t start this blog to make money. The money I am making now with this blog is meaningless. There isn’t more than 25 cents there right now. I hope that with hard work I can grow this blog as the main platform for funding my content creation. I don’t think that will happen this year. I do think it can happen within the next 3 years.

Zac Plays hockey

The seasonal ice rink that was at Circus Circus is now closed. There won’t be any more ice hockey for a while. But I am backed up on videos. There is something close to 10 GoPro ice hockey that I still need to make and release. Making a GoPro video takes two to three times longer than any other video I do. I just ask that you be patient while I try to catch up. I have recorded the first episode of my NHL20 series. I was planning on having that come out in January but then I got backed up on making videos. I am hoping to be caught up by the end of March. The NHL20 series will be coming out this month. I am also hoping to start live streaming the game this month.

Zac Plays soccer

The 2020 USL Championship season starts this week. There is a lot to be excited for with that. I will be making a lot of content around that. Promos, the fourth season of All For Our City, the return of the 1868 Now podcast, 1868 Life (A Game Review Blog), and more match day content. I will be expanding 1868 Life and other match day content to include away games. In February, I put out two new episodes of the All For Our City podcast. Those are preforming slightly better than the ones I put out last year. I have recorded the first episode of my new FIFA20 series. I was hoping to get that out in February. The series will launch in March. I hope to start FIFA20 live streams in March as well. 

Zac Electrifly

Friday mixes have been on the back burner for a while now. I hope I can get back to doing them soon. Right now, my main focus is on Zac Plays soccer because the season does start this week. I hope that I can get back to this by the end of March.

That’s all I have for this month’s update blog. I hope to do another one next month. I am still looking to get at least one blog out every week. I think as the soccer season starts that will be easier to do. I hope you stick around for what’s in store.

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