eUSL week Two Rundown

This is a new series of blogs I will be doing. I hope to get these done every week. In these blogs, I will be talking about games, news and general things relating to the eUSL. I will mostly be talking about myself and the other eUSL player from Reno.

Stimulants In The eUSL

Leading up to week two there was some talk about substances that are allowed in the eUSL. Specifically, Mountain Dew code red. It was reported by the Nutmeg News that the use of the substance by players in the eUSL. The article does not condemn the use of the substance. The article mainly talks about how the league will do nothing about it. The fact is that this substance is on the low end of what players have access too. Players currently have access to energy drinks, caffeine pills and other substances that can be obtained at 7-11. With no foreseeable substance testing or banning by the league, it’s safe to say players can do whatever they want. I’m ok with that. Why should the league spend money on testing that can be faked and cheated (like in the MLB)? If everyone has access to performance-enhancing stimulants, no one has an unfair advantage. 

I prefer original Mountain Dew over code red. Baja Blast is one of my favorite flavors. Whenever I can Mountain Dew is an option I take it. Some may say I’m even addicted to it. The 36 pack in my room says that I am. But it’s better than a coke addiction.

“Highly placed sources tell us that some players are going to local bodega fronts where they obtain the Code Red via well placed individuals they call The Shopkeeper. Allegedly, cash is exchanged for the services and this is all done under the nose of our vigilant doping agents,”

WADA agent Josh Richardson

Week Two Results

Week two started for Reno with @antwnzrr’s match with @joeljoshua_ on Friday, April 3rd. @antwnzrr was looking to start his season 2-0. @joeljoshua_ who represented San Diego Loyal was looking to bounce back after a 3-0 loss in week one.

It wouldn’t take long for @antwnzrr to score his first goal of the match. He opened up the scoring in the 7’ minute. In that play, he showed good passing and awareness of where his players were.

@joeljoshua_ would respond in the 27’ minute. He was able to get past the defenders without a skill move. Once he was past the defenders he buried it.

@antwnzrr got the lead back in the 39’ minute. He would take a shot from inside the box while under pressure that would beat the keeper.

@antwnzrr stretched his lead just before the half. He scored in the 45+2’ minute to give himself a two-goal lead going into the locker room. The goal was a header from inside the box. The keeper made the initial save but the force of the ball carried it beyond the keeper.

The halftime score was 3-1.

@antwnzrr was in control of the match for the entire second half. He would score in the 62’ 75’ 77’ 86’ and 88’ minutes to make the final 8-1.

The game looked like it could have been more competitive until @antwnzrr scored in the 45+2’ minute. From that point forward he had total control of the game. @antwnzrr has had an impressive start to his eUSL season. I can see him finishing in the top 5 of PS4 west.

The second match of the weekend took place on Sunday, April 5th. This would be my match against @coachgyasi. Going into this match I had trained harder than I did in the weeks leading up to week one. I was looking for my first win. I was still looking for my first goal. I was just hoping that I would play better than I did in my last match.

I started the scoring with a goal in the 12’ minute. This was probably the worst mistake I’ve seen in the league so far. His keeper gave it straight to my guy inside the box and I buried it.

The response from @coachgyasi would come quickly. He scored in the 19’ minute to tie the game up. It was a defensive breakdown on my part. I committed with a player and took that defender out of position. He passed to his wide-open man. He put it in the net and there was nothing the keeper could do.

@coachgyasi would do something similar in the 45+2’ minute to take a 2-1 lead into half time.

@coachgyasi scored again in the 70’ minute. He took his player down the wing, took a shot and buried it. I tried to cut off the pass but it didn’t help. This goal opened up the scoring for him.

@coachgyasi would score again in the 80’ minute. He scored on a shot from outside of the box. He skill moved my defender, got open, and nailed the ball to the back of my net.

 The last goal of the match came in the 85’ minute. I over-committed with my defender, his player got open in the box and scored.

It was a tough loss for me. Going into halftime I thought I was doing better than I was in my first match. The whole game fell apart for me in the last 30 min of the match. The only real positive I can take away from this match is that I got more offensive opportunities than in my first match. I know something needs to change. I don’t know what that is just yet but hopefully, I’ll have it figured out by my next match. 

eUSL Top Ten Goals Week Two

My favorite goal on this list is number 6. The player was not only able to get free under pressure but took a shot and it put it in the top corner from outside of the box.

@antwnzrr made the list twice. At number 7 with his goal from the 86’ minute, and number 3 with his goal from the 45+2’ minute. 2 Congrats to him. I think we will see him on the list a lot more as the season continues.


PS4 West

PS4 East



  1. @jimmysteve9 (Real Monarchs SLC)
  2. @t3moc88 (Forward Madison)
  3. @damiaviader (union omaha)
  4. @antwnzrr (Reno 1868 FC)
  1. @connor_swatts (Indy Eleven)
  2. @Gi01010 (Greenville Triumph)
  3. @colt_vincent (Indy Eleven)
  4. @MassimoCNuzz (Birmingham Legion FC)
  5. @Brett_Mullenix (Indy Eleven)
  1. @ssummun54 (Charleston Battery)
  2. @CoachSSmith (Tormenta FC)
  3. @Pokizer0 (
  4. @carlostpa10 (Tampa Bay Rowdies)
  5. @CamHucker (Greenville Triumph)
  1. @wired619 (San Diego :oyal)
  2. @dknutson_13 (Union Omaha)
  3. @JoshSnodgrass (OKC Energy FC)
  4. @jeremiahramos98 (Phoenix Rising)
  5. @spenclar (Real Monarchs SLC)

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