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Reno 1868 FC At Portland Timbers 2 Rescheduled

Reno 1868 FC just announced that their game with Portland Timbers 2 has been Rescheduled.


This comes after Reno 1868 FC postponed their game with Tacoma Defiance. The reason for both games being rescheduled is that a player on Reno’s roster tested positive for COVID-19. Reno 1868 FC has been doing weekly asymptomatic testing of its players. The player who has it is currently being isolated.

“The individual has been immediately isolated at home, demonstration no symptoms, and in good spirits under the care of team physicians. All league, local and state health and wellness protocols are being followed.”

Reno 1868 FC -July 22, 2020

“The individual is still isolated at home, demonstrating no systems and in good spirits under the care of team physicians.”

Reno 1868 FC -July 24, 2020

The game between Reno 1868 FC and Portland Timbers 2 was original to be played this Sunday July 26 in Portland. This is the second Reno 1868 FC game to have its date changed in less than 3 days. This game is also the fifth or sixth USL Championship game this week to be moved to a later date. This Match between Reno 1868 FC and Portland Timbers 2 is rescheduled to July 29. This match is the first time Reno 1868 FC plays Portland Timbers 2 during the 2020 season.

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