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No fans At Reno 1868 FC Games

Reno 1868 FC announced this morning that fans will no be allowed at this weekend’s match.


I don’t this is s situation where there are no fans at this game but there could be fans at the next. I think this is for the time being situation. So for the time being, fans won’t be at Reno 1868 FC games. I talked more about this in this week’s episode of the All For Our City podcast. That should be out later today.

“Bad news… fans aren’t allowed at Saturday’s home opener”

Reno 1868 FC -August 5, 2020

I think the signs were there. The game in Las Vegas didn’t have any fans. The raiders said they won’t have fans this season. The way our governor has been talking these last few weeks, he showed no signs of being remotely interested in opening up stadiums. I saw this coming for a while now. It’s unsurprising. I am disappointed about this situation. I think a lot of people are. unfortunately, it’s out of our control. It’s not the worst thing to happen in 2020. It’s not even the worst thing to happen this week. We will be back eventually. When we are it will be the most epic return.


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