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Film Yourself For All For Our City

With no fans at todays Reno 1868 FC game, it might seem like I won’t be able to make an All For Our City video for Reno 1868 FC’s first home game. I’m going to try anyway. This video will be different from every other one in the series. This episode will be a group effort. it will show that Reno 1868 FC will support the team with or without fans at games.

The first All For Our City video of 2020 will be made with footage submitted by fans. Reno 1868 FC fans can film themselves before, during and after the game. Filming themselves celebrating and cheering on our boys in blue. Reno fans can then submit that footage to me by midnight tomorrow. I’ll make an edit of all the different footage. The video will be released Monday morning.


How To Submit Your Footage

After you filmed yourself send it to me via:

Zac Electrifly on Facebook

@ZacElectrifly on Twitter

You can use my contact page right here on my website

Or email me at


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