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Reno 1868 FC finally had a home match. Reno 1868 FC took on Tacoma Defiance. Reno did play Tacoma back in March. That was come from behind win I Tacoma. Reno is 2-0-1 all-time vs Tacoma heading into this match. Tacoma was looking for their first win vs Reno. Tacoma was looking to dethrone Reno from the top spot in group a. Reno was looking to extend their lead in the group. Both teams were looking to win their third straight. Both teams were coming off of cleans sheets. The big news heading into the match is that there would be no fans. 


Pregame Thoughts 

Reno needed to continue to do the things they were doing in the last 2 games. Reno needed to keep that same energy that they have been displaying. They’ve done well to create chances. They had a lot of chances in Portland. Christiano Francois has been doing well. the goalkeeping has been on point. Reno built up a lot of momentum going into this game. It’s easy to overlook Tacoma when looking at the success of Reno. However, they had a lot going for them as well. They were coming off back to back clean sheets. They had a chance to take first with this match. They were also beating out Sacramento. 

What I thought this game would come down to the keepers. I thought it was going to be a battle of the keepers. Both teams’ goalkeeping and defense stats looked solid going into this match. 


What Happened In The First Half

Reno got a chance 6’ minutes into the match. The ball was put out wide. The cross became a shot at the keeper. The keeper couldn’t control the ball. The went up. Reno headed it towards the net. The ball floated out of bounce. 

Reno would start scoring in the ’20 minute. Benjamin Kikanovic would get the goal. The ball was thrown into the box from the sideline. The ball ended up in the 6-yard box. Corey Hertzog of Reno would head the ball away from the keeper towards Kikanovic. The ball ended up being poorly headed by Taylor Mueller. The ball landed right in front of Kikanovi. He was able to get it over the keeper. Tacoma failed to clear the ball when they had the chance. Reno capitalized on that. By the end of the play, it looked like the keeper just wasn’t trying hard enough to save the ball. He was in position. It looks like he just didn’t go for it. 

Tacoma answered in the 24’ minute. Marlon Vargas of Tacoma had the ball in the attacking half. He was about 10 yards away from the center. He passed the ball to Daniel Robles he took the ball down the pitch. Slowed up looking for a pass and then went full speed into the box. He was able to get a shot off that ended up in the back of the net. He was able to score because he was never really challenged. He was given plenty of space to run and take a shot. Tony Alfaro was covering him. He never challenged Robles. Robles had at least 3 yards of space the entire time. So yeah this goal can be chalked up to a defensive breakdown by Reno. 

Reno would take the lead back in the 32’ minute. Benjamin Kikanovic won a penalty kick after a foul in the box. Both he and the Tacoma keeper were challenging for the ball. Kikanovic was being pursued by Taylor Mueller. Mueller backed off when he saw that the keeper was going to challenge for the ball. Kikanovic kept going for the ball. Kikanovic fell over the keeper. the keeper got a yellow card. Reno was awarded the penalty kick. It’s the same kind of thing that happened in Portland when Reno was awarded a penalty kick there. 

Corey Hertzog took the penalty kick. It was initially saved. The keeper didn’t have control. The ball spun up and over the keeper. After the kick, Hertzog looks like he pointed to his ears and said something to the keeper. The keeper went to touch Hertzog. Hertzog said something else and ended up with a yellow card. 

40’ minute Abdoulaye Cissoko of Tacoma received a yellow card. 


What Happened In The Second Half

48’ minute Sergio Rivas of Reno received a yellow card. 

63’ minute Tacoma won a penalty kick. Nicholas Hinds drew the foul off of Sergio Rivas. I don’t think it was a foul. Rivas was able to touch the ball. 

64’ minute Eric De La Cerda saved the penalty kick. The ball was kicked low and to the right of the keeper. De La Cerda got it right.  In doing that he secured the win for Reno. 

90+3’ minute Emilio Ycaza of Reno received a yellow card. 


Referee Thoughts

The first penalty kick shouldn’t have been a penalty kick. I think the league should be protecting its goalies better. However, we did see the same call in Portland so I am glad there is a little consistency there. The second penalty kick shouldn’t have been a foul either. The defender did touch the ball. And that’s like the second or third call I’ve seen this season where the referee is parallel to the players in front of him and he blows the call. I give the ref a 5 out of 10 for this match. 


After Match Thoughts

Once again, Reno did a lot right. Reno kept up the energy. They created chances. Christiano Francois didn’t make as big of an impact as we are used too. The good news though is that other guys stepped up to make impacts on the game. The goalkeeping stayed on point again. He saved a penalty kick. In a way, this did turn into a battle of the keepers. Both keepers were presented with the challenge of a penalty kick. In the end, only Eric De LA Cerda could handle it. I amazed that I predicted the right score.  There were plenty of complaints about the commentators. The main issue I have always had with them is that they don’t show any emotion during the match. Their voices stay the same level and tone the whole game. The way the team set up the signs fans mad wasn’t very visible. I hope they can fix that before the next game. 


Current Group A Standings

August 9, 2020 

Reno 1868 FC (12 pts)

Sacramento Republic FC (9 pts)

 Tacoma Defiance (7 pts)

Portland Timbers 2 (0 pts)


Next Match 

Sacramento Republic FC will come to Reno on Wednesday, August 12. That game will be round 2 of the Donner Pass Derby. The game is set to take place at Greater Nevada Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 pm. 


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