USL News

2020 USL Championship Playoff Format

The USL Championship has officially confirmed the playoff format.


This comes only days after the first USL Championship team secures a playoff spot.

“Th The USL Championship today confirmed its structure for the 2020 Championship Playoffs, adding competition details to those previously announced upon the league’s return to play in July.”

USL Championship -September 14, 2020

The playoffs will start on the 8th of next month. There will be 16 teams. Teams will have a chance to play rescheduled and postponed matches following the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs. It looks like all matches will be played Thursday through Sunday. The first round will be the winner of a group verse the second-place team from another group. Then the winners of the first match will face off in the second match. Then it will be the conference finals followed by the league final.

I think this format is fine. I think they should have done what the National Hockey League does for the playoffs. The first round should be the top two teams from each group instead of the winner from one group and the runner up from another group playing. The reason I think the NHL format is better as the first and second-place teams from the same group won’t play each other in the second round. Instead what happens is a group final followed by the conference semi-final followed by the league final. With the NHL style format, every group will have a regular season and playoff winner on top of the conference and league champions.


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