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Reno 1868 FC Signs Justin Sukow

Reno 1868 FC announced Tuesday, September, 15, that they have signed midfielder Justin Sukow.


Justin Sukow signed with Reno after playing at  Loyola Chicago and  South Carolina. He scored nine goals with five assists in twenty games while at Loyola Chicago. Sukow decided to turn pro opting out of his senior season.

“I wanted to play senior year really bad but then when it looked like the season was getting canceled, and then they made it official, I kind of had to make some tough decisions.”

Justin Sukow, Layola Phoenix -September 17, 2020

At 22 years old, Justin Sukow is a 5’10” midfielder from San Antonio Texas. He is joining the team late in the season. That can be difficult for any player. Reno has a lot of midfielders already. Sukow will have to compete with guys like Emilio Ycaza, Mo Dabo, Ivan Valencia, Jesus Enriquez, Kevin Partida and Jared Timmer for playing time. I don’t expect to see Sukow much this season. I think one of three things is going to happen. He is going to be an impact player right off the bat. He’s going to be put in the starting eleven. He’ll be an immediate offensive force. Scenario two, he’ll be a substitute type player. He wont be a started but he will get playing time and have an impact on games as a substitute. Scenario three, he ends up being mostly used as a practice player. If this were the case he would be used mostly as an extra man in practices fighting for a spot on the bench. I don’t think that this is the most likely scenario as Reno’s loan to Oakland could have been to make room on the roster for Sukow.

It is also a possibility that Sukow is slowly worked into the roster. He could be used as a substitute for a couple of Reno’s last games this season. Signing on with Reno next season and having more of an impact in 2021.

Justin Sukow Highlights

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