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Match Info

Reno 1868 FC headed to Portland last Sunday to take on the Portland Timbers 2. This was the fourth and final time Reno and Portland would face off for the 2020 season. Reno had won all three prior matches.


Pregame Thoughts 

Heading into the match Reno defeated Tacoma 3-2. That was Reno’s sixth straight undefeated match. Reno won five of those six games. Portland came into the match having won their previous match with Salt Lake City. That was Portland’s second win of the season. Portland was on a two-game winning streak leading up to this match.

I figured Reno would dominate the match. They had been the last three games. Portland hadn’t shown any signs of being competitive with Reno before this match. Reno won every match up to this one by at least three goals. Reno scored seven in the last match of this series. I think Reno could have scored ten if they did not take their foot off the gas in that match.

For the second match in a row, I did not do a pregame show. This was one of the few matches this season where I was too busy the day of the match to put together an episode.


What Happened In The First Half

19’ minute Reno opened the scoring. Christiano Francois would score the goal. Younes Boudadi got the assist. Boudadi put the ball into the box from the wing with Reno players headed towards the net. Francois was able to get to the ball. He redirected it into the back of a wide-open net.

37’ minute Reno extended their lead to two goals. Foster Langsdorf would score to extend his scoring streak to seven games. Younes Boudadi would get the assist on this one as well. Boudadi would get the ball at the top of the box. He crossed it in. Langsdof headed it into the back of the net.

45’ minute Reno would extend their lead to three. Sam Gleadle would score unassisted. Portland put the ball in on a corner kick. The ball went in as a ground pass to the top of the box. The ball was tipped outside of the box by Reno. Gleadle would tip it away from Portland. He recovered the ball. Ran the length of the pitch while moving around a Portland defender. With pressure coming from behind he took a shot from five yards outside of the box. His shot beat the keeper. 

45+4’ minute Max Ornstil of Portland Timbers 2 received a yellow card.


What Happened In The Second Half

57’ minute Portland scored. Marcus Epps would get the goal. The assist came from Aedan Stanley. Stanley passed the ball to Epps at the top of the box. Going unchallenged Epps took a shot from 5 yards outside of the box. His shot beat the keeper.

79’ minute Portland scored their last goal against Reno in 2020. Jorge Gonzalez Asensi would score. Giovanni Calixtro got the assist. Gonzalez Asensi took the ball up the pitch. He created some space. He took a shot. Reno’s keeper got his hands on it but couldn’t stop the shot.

81’ minute Reno would score again. Christiano Francois would get his second of the night. The assist came from Sergio Rivas. Rivas would get the ball on a through pass. He would take the ball down the wing towards the box. He passed the ball inside the box to Francois. Francois redirected the ball under the keeper and into the back of the net.

88’ minute Reno scored again. Aidan Apodaca Scored the goal. Sergio Rivas got the assist. Rivas would get the ball on a through pass. He then put the ball into the box. Apodaca would take a one-touch shot. His shot beat the keeper.

90+5’ the match ends in a 5-2 Reno victory.


After Match Thoughts

I was disappointed like a lot of people were when the USL Championship announced the nominees for goal of the week. Sam Gleadles brilliant effort and killer shot that resulted in a goal was not on the list. This would be fine except some of the goals that made the list weren’t as good. They also put the Portland goal in the 57’ minute on the list. I want to know why the USL Championship thought that was a better goal or even how they could even think that the Portland goal in the 57’ minute was the best in the match. At the closest, I think it’s the third or fourth-best goal in that match. It could be argued that that wasn’t even Portland’s best goal in this match. I am disappointed in the USL Championship for making this choice. It’s the wrong one. I hope they do better in the future.

Both of the Portland goals were lucky they went in. Both shots were desperation shots. Portland knew they weren’t going to get better opportunities. That’s why they took shots as soon as space opened up. On their first goal, too Reno wasn’t challenging the shot. It was almost like Reno was daring Portland to shoot the ball. Portland didn’t have any other options. They took the shot and got lucky. On their second goal, they got lucky that the keeper messed up.

Reno outworked Portland in this match like they have this whole season. Reno consistently beat Portland to the ball. Reno consistently beat Portland’s backline. Reno also used a few players who haven’t gotten much if any playing time this season and still managed to win by three goals. Reno won every game verses Portland this season by at least three goals. Portland was not competitive this season verse Reno. I don’t see them making the necessary improvements to become competitive in the USL Championship any time soon.


Current Group A Standings

September, 24, 2020

X – Reno 1868 FC (31pts)

X – Sacramento Republic FC (26pts)

e – Tacoma Defiance (8pts)

e – Portland Timbers 2 (6pts)


Next Match 

Reno 1868 FC hosts Sacramento Republic FC for the final match of the 2020 Donner Pass Derby. Sacramento has already won the Derby after winning the first two games and the last match ending in a draw. This is a potential playoff match. If Reno wins this match they will win Group A. This match is set to take place on Saturday, September 26, at Greater Nevada Field. Kickoff is set for 6:30 pm.


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