Match Day Guide

Matchday guide | Reno 1868 FC VS LA Galaxy 2 | Playoffs Conference Quarter-Finals

The playoffs are upon us. Reno 1868 FC’s quest for the cup starts today. Reno started the season without fans. Now fans can come back to Greater Nevada Field. 250 fans will be in attendance at tonight’s match. For tonight’s match Reno 1868 FC will be taking on LA Galaxy 2 in the first round of the USL Championship playoffs. The first round of the playoffs has been dubbed the conference quarterfinals. Kickoff is set for 6 pm. Gates open at 5 pm. The weather is going to be around 63 degrees and cloudy at kickoff.

Leading Up To The Match 

Before you make your way to your favorite pregame spot, head over to Keva Juice to get a pregame smoothie. Pregame smoothies are a tradition for Reno 1868 FC fans dating as far back as 2019. It was brought to Reno by Corey “Scorey” Hertzog. Under normal circumstances, a group of fans would get together with Corey on the morning of a match. It’s 2020 so things are different. At this point go get a smoothie for good luck. Help support local businesses. Who knows you might even see another Reno 1868 FC fan in the wild. 

Here is a spotify Playlist I made for the matc

Don’t forget to check out the promo video I made for tonight’s match. It’s a good way to get hyped for the match. 



There are lots of places to pregame downtown. The top place to pregame is Mellow Fellow across the street from Greater Nevada Field. They have good beer, good food, and a friendly atmosphere. Reds and the Santa Fe are no longer pregame options. Ole Bridge Pub and Taste of Chicago are open and there are plenty of other pizza places downtown. 

I will be going live at 5 pm for a new episode of 1868 Now. 1868 Now is the live pregame show I do leading up to 1868 games. You can catch that on my twitter @ZacElectrifly


At The Match 

If you are going to park in the valet lot (lot across the street from the ballpark) or the parking garage across the street, they will be charging. I think it’s something like $15 for the valet lot and $12 for the garage. It used to be that if someone parks early enough they don’t have to pay for the parking garage. I don’t know if that will still be the case. To avoid crazy pricing for parking park on the street. It’s free after 6 pm as well. Parking at the El Dorado may also be an option. I am not sure what the current parking situation is over there. I’m pretty sure it is still free to park. Traffic is normally backed up on all streets surrounding the ballpark but with only 250 fans I don’t think traffic will be an issue. 

Getting into the stadium fans will have to fill out a health questionnaire, get their temperature checked, get their bag checked, and be scanned with a metal detector. There is a clear bag policy in place. Greater Nevada Field will only be allowing clear bags inside of the ballpark. I have been told that there will be a bag check. Fans should be able to leave their bag at the gate. Fans can also leave knives at the gate and get them on their way out. There will only be one gate for this match. That is the rotunda gate which they are renaming the Evan street gate. 

Once in the stadium fans will be required to wear a mask. Fans will also be asked to social distance (stay 6 feet apart). Some concession stands will be open. Fans won’t be allowed to walk around the stadium or loiter on the concourse. Fans are pretty much being asked to get in their seats and stay there. The only exception to that being getting concessions and going to the bathroom. 

Things To Remember

  • Face coverings will be required
  • Temperature checks
  • Health questionnaire
  • Concessions will be limited
  • Greater Nevada Field will be cashless
  • Clear bag policy
  • Fans wont be allowed to gather
  • Fans may be given assign seats for places other than where their season tickets are
  • No smoking

If you are one of the lucky 250 fans, congratulations. Coming back to Greater Nevada Field under the current rules will be an adjustment for fans. I hope this guide helps. It’s important to remember to be patient with these new rules. It’s a learning curve for everyone including members of ballpark staff. If fans are respectful and kind the game will be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. I hope everyone who gets to attend the match has fun.


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