XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Day 1 | XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Today marks the first day of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games being held in Beijing China. I didn’t cover last years summer games. I will be covering this years winter games. I will be avoiding all of the politics that go along with the games being held in China. I don’t want to cover that. I just want to talk about sports. As of writing this it is 4am in Beijing. Beijing of course held the 2008 winter olympics. They had a very iconic opening ceremony. I actually remember watching that.


Because of the time difference in China the events are at odd times. The same thing happened with last years olympics but it didn’t stop me from watching pretty much everything. I had multiple events going on my laptop while I had games going on my TV and iPad. According to the olympics app the events will run from 5pm to about 5am PST. Below is what the schedule will look like. Here is the full page.


Curling and Luge happened this morning. For Luge it was Mens Singles Training. Group A and Group B both did two runs. For Curling it was the Mixed Doubles round robin session 1.

Luge. There isn’t much to talk about. They just ran their practice sessions. I couldn’t find any highlights from this mornings Luge either. Luge will continue tonight with more Mens singles training runs.

Moving on to Curling. Sweden lost to Great Britain. The final score was 5 to 9. Australia lost to the United States. The final on that one was 5 to 6. Norway lost to the Czech Republic. The final was 6 to 7. In the last curling game this morning, China beat Switzerland. The final of that one was 7 to 6. Curling continues tonight. They will continue the Mixed Doubles round robin.

Here are the current Mixed Doubles standings:


Coming up tonight more Curling, Alpine skiing, Women’s Ice Hockey, Luge, Ski Jumping, and Freestyle Skiing. Curling will resume at 5pm with a Mixed Doubles round robin match between the Australia and China. Alpine skiing will start at 7pm with Men’s Downhill Training. Women’s Ice Hockey starts at 8pm with with a Group B game between the Czech Republic and China. Luge will resume the Men’s Singles Training at 11pm. Ski Jumping starts at 130am with Women’s NH off. training. Freestyle Skiing starts at 2am. It will be the Women’s Moguls Qualification 1.

Some notable events: Local Reno/Tahoe athletes David Wise, Brita Sigourney, and Eileen Gu will be competing in the Freestyle Skiing. They may be competing tonight. I will be making blog post specific to the Hockey events, USA Hockey and Reno/Tahoe athletes at the olympics.


Reno/Tahoe Winter Olympic athletes

David Wise – Freeski Halfpipe
Jamie Anderson – Snowboard Slopestyle
Bryce Bennett – Downhill
Brita Sigourney – Freeski Halfpipe
Eileen Gu – Freestyle Skiing
Keely Cashman – Downhill
Travis Ganong – Downhill
Hannah Halvorsen – Cross Country
AJ Hurt – Downhill
Mo Lebel – Downhill
Nina O’Brien – Downhill
JC Schoonmaker – Cross Country
Luke Winters – Downhill


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