XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Day 2 | XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Today marks day two of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games being held in Beijing China. Last night Curling continued. Alpine Skiing started. The Women’s Ice Hockey tournament started. Luge Continued. All of those continued into this morning. Ski Jumping and Freestyle Skiing started this morning. The big story coming out of day two is Canada demolishing Switzerland in Women’s Ice Hockey.


Curling was back in action with more from the Mixed Doubles round robin. China Beat Australia 6-5. Sweden beat the Czech Republic 7-4. The United States lost to Italy 4-8. Great Britain beat Canada 6-4. Huge upset there. Italy beat Switzerland 8-7. The United States lost to Norway 6-11. Norway lost to Canada 6-7. Switzerland lost to Great Britain 8-7. China lost to Sweden 7-6. The Czech Republic beat Australia 8-2.

The United States isn’t looking so hot right now. They finished off day two tied for 7th place. The United States is 1-2-0 right now. There is still plenty of time for them to bounce back in the round robin stage. Canada losing to Great Britain is kind of a shock. Italy is looking really good. They are the only unbeaten team currently. They look like they have a shot at winning the whole thing. Curling Mixed Doubles will resume tonight with 6 games including the United States vs Sweden.


Alpine Skiing started with Men’s Downhill training. an interesting fact is that the mountain they are skiing on for the olympics hasn’t been used for Skiing before. The look is interesting too as all of the surrounding landscape is virtually snowless. Alpine Skiing continues tonight with more Men’s Downhill training training.


The Women’s Ice Hockey tournament started last night. I will be doing a more in-depth about this later today. The big story coming out of that is Canada’s 12 to 1 win over Switzerland to start the tournament. The Czech Republic beat China 3-1. Sweden fell to Japan 1-3. To finish day one of the Women’s Ice Hockey tournament, the United States beat Finland 5-2 in an impressive display by the United States. I will be writing a game review for that later today.

Again I will go further in depth in future posts but that was an unreal win for Canada. They looked like an NHL team playing an ECHL team. I was surprised that china scored. Honestly they did a lot better then I expected. The Women’s Ice Hockey tournament continue with ROC (Russia) vs Switzerland and Canada vs Finland.


Luge Continued with more training runs. The Men’s competition continued their training runs. The Women’s Competition started their training runs. The training runs will continue through February 5th.


In Ski Jumping they had the first training sessions for Men and Women. That will continue tonight. Qualifying rounds will start tomorrow.


In Freestyle Skiing, they had both the Men’s and Women’s Moguls qualification round 1. The Freestyle Skiing Men’s and Women’s Moguls qualification round 2 will be happening in the morning. 2am or so PST.


Upcoming tonight, Figure Skating kicks off with Men’s Singles Skating. Team Ice Dance, and Pairs Skating is also going on tonight. Luge continues. Alpine Skiing continues. Ski Jumping continues. ROC (Russia) plays Switzerland in Women’s Ice Hockey. Curling continues with 6 different games.

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games being held in Beijing China. It should be coming on NBC. There should be replays during primetime. According to NPR “NBCUniversal, which has a lock on Olympics coverage, will be broadcasting the opening ceremony on NBC and Peacock beginning at 6:30 a.m. ET (keep in mind, Beijing is 13 hours ahead of ET)”. NPR continues by saying “It will also offer an “enhanced primetime presentation” of the ceremony, with a special focus on Team USA, from 8 to 11 p.m. ET.” So the opening ceremony will air at 3:30am local time here (PST). Of course China had one of the most iconic ceremonies in 2008. As a designer myself the opening ceremony is one of the top things I look forward too.



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