XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Day 3 | XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Today marks day three of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games being held in Beijing China. Overshadowing everything today is the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony aired this morning at 3:30am local time here (PST). I didn’t stay up to watch it. I am watching it now as of writing this. Curling, Luge, Ski Jumping, Alpine Skiing, Women’s Ice Hockey, continued. Figure Skating was the only sport to start their competition. A lot of events start today including some where medals are on the line.


Curling continues the Mixed Doubles round robin. Their was 7 matches last night. Sweden beat Australia 7-6. Canada beat Switzerland 7-5. Italy beat Norway 11-8. Czech Republic lost to Italy 2-10. China lost to Canada 6-8. Great Britain beat Australia. Sweden lost to the United States.

Italy continues to dominate including a huge win over the Czech Republic. The United States found a win after a poor day prior. Canada getting back to back wins is big for them. The United States is one spot out from the Semi-finals and Canada is chasing down Italy for first place. Curling Mixed Doubles continues tonight including a game between the United States and Canada. The United States is now one spot out of moving on to the Semi-finals.


Luge continued with more training runs. There will be more training runs later. The Men’s Singles run 1 and run 2 will start at 3am our time (PST).


Ski Jumping has been all training up to this point. Tonight it will be the Men’s Qualification rounds. In the AM it will be the Women’s trial, 1st round and final round. Medals will be handed out at the end of the Women’s Final Round. That will start at 3:35am local time (PST).


Alpine Skiing continued. They had more Men’s Downhill training. They will complete Men’s Downhill training tonight. The Men’s Downhill competition will take place on the 5th.


What a night it was for the Women’s Ice Hockey competition. Denmark played China. ROC (Russia) played Switzerland. Again I will go more in depth in a later post. ROC (Russia) was trying to show that they are medal contender. They did that by beating Switzerland. So the troubles continue for Switzerland. It was Denmarks first game. A lot of eyes were on how they would preform. I did not expect what would happen. China actually defeated Denmark. Not just in overtime or a shootout. Not by one goal. China defeated Denmark by two goals. It’s a huge blow to Denmark. It’s a huge win for China. It definitely legitimizes the Chineses team as competitors.

More Women’s hockey is on the way tonight as Canada plays Finland, Japan plays Denmark, Czech Republic plays Sweden, and the United States plays ROC (Russia). Due to geopolitics the United States plays ROC (Russia) game is a big deal. No


Figure Skating started their competition. It started with the Team Event – Mens Single Skating – Short Program. That was followed by Team Event – Ice Dance – Rhythm Dance. The first day of Figure Skating ended with Team Event – Pair Skating – Short Program. Figure Skating will continue on the 5th with more of the Team Event.


Coming up tonight and tomorrow morning, is more Curling. Snowboarding will start up. More Alpine Skiing. The Women’s Ice Hockey tournament continues. Ski Jumping and Luge Continue. Cross County Skiing is happening. Medals will be awarded for that. Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating is happening with medals being handed out for that. Biathlon is happening. Freestyle Skiing continues. It is going to be a packed day. Plenty of medals will be handed out on the first day that medals will be handed out.



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